About Us

We celebrate 30 years of service in the new age community in October 2015! We are so grateful to all of our loyal customers that have supported the store over the years.

We were featured in Journey Magazine in their October 2010 issue. If you missed the article, you can read about it on page 5 when you click here.

At Goddess Elite, we encourage independent study, research and personal development. We believe in independence rather than dependence on others to determine what is best for them. The energy you expend in your search will strengthen your intention. As such, we provide our customers with a variety of materials that aid in a starting place for their study.

Since 1985 Goddess Elite, of North Olmsted Ohio, has provided quality natural crystal from Arkansas, Brazil, Peru, Tibet and India. Our reputation for the largest selection is unsurpassed. If you are looking for a small single point or a large generator, we have your crystal.

Let Goddess Elite be the place to get your Crystal Healing, New Age and Neo-Pagan material.

We stock a large selection of Incense, Scrying Mirrors, Dragons and Fairies (selection varies). We offer a selection of Tibetan Singing Bowls either as single item or as a set of three.  Stop in, play the bowls, and make your selections!

When you visit the store, you can select from our nearly 100 different types of tumbled stones.

If you are looking for music for relaxation, meditation or Massage we offer you a great selection from which to choose.

Please enjoy looking through our selection of carved animals, or select your perfect carved Buddha or Kuan Yin.

We also carry a nice selection of incense including Gonesh, Nag Champa and Resin Incense for your needs. Yes, we have Charcoal and ash catchers to complete the set. Sage is in stock at Goddess Elite as loose leaf or bundled sticks.

Looking for candles? We offer small chime candles (they burn for about 3 hours), as well as high quality 7 Day candles. 7 Day candles include double reversible, Micheal, Raphael, and Money Draw.  Back by popular request are Coventry Creations votive candles.

Tarot, Oracle decks, Scrying mirrors and Runes are available for your divination needs!

Be sure to browse our newly arrived jewelry, and wall plaque sections too, as the selection changes often.

Maria Celeste leading a Vogel Class
Maria Celeste leading a Vogel Class

We offer many, many, many classes!  From tarot, meditation, archangels & angels, spiritual development, clearing negativity and more!

We offer a wonderful art selection from talented local artists!