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The Abundance Code Review

The Abundance Code. How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now.

Author: Julie Ann Cairns

The Abundance Code was a quick and good read.  It’s main purpose is to show and address what the author feels are the 7 money myths that keep anyone from achieving their true prosperous living.  The 7 money myths they author addresses are: Scarcity, Time=Money, Work=Worth, It Takes Money to Make Money, Easy Come, Easy Go, Money Wont Make You Happy, and finally, Money Corrupts You.  Each myth is given it’s own chapter which include how to identify they myth in your own life, other world examples, reasoning on why it’s a myth, and how to overcome beliefe in that myth so that you can start changing the way you think.

I personally resonated with the myth of Money Won’t Make You Happy.  The example given that really hit home was about a business owner who would never take a day off.  Well, that’s me.  Money could make me happy, because I could afford to spend time with family on a vacation away from home.  Not just a day off spent tidying up the house.  That it is really okay, really really okay, to enjoy time off.  And being okay with the thought that money could make this happen is okay too.

The author includes a chart towards the end of the book for positive affirmations to overcome each fear for quick reference.  I believe this book would be a good read for anyone, regardless of their financial situation.


Melissa, Owner/Operator

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The Green Witch Tarot Review

The Green Witch Tarot (critique):  The artwork of this deck has no borders.  The depictions are made up of warm and vibrant earth tones.  Rich in symbolism and reminiscent in the artwork of the period they depict.  The paintings are quite linear and simple as those of earlier times.  Look more than once for the more you look the more you see.
This was looked at with help from my wife Joanne (a watercolor artist herself).  We find this deck quite picturesque depicting its time of nature based divination created with complete comprehension of said author.  Give artist Kirk Ostergard Leonard her due.
This tarot deck is well thought out and . Would be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection like mine.  This deck also lends itself to be easily read even with the renaming of the trumps.
The deck is based upon nature, earth magic, the elements, and the power of the goddess and God in their many aspects.  It includes fairies, spirits, and entities of the earth, other world, and underworld.
The cards hail from Green Witchcraft which draws upon the seasons, Sabbats,  faire love, herbs, plants, animals, and the bounty of nature itself.
Ann Moura based this deck on her own practice as a green witch.  She hails from Florida were she owns her own metaphysical shop were she writes and teaches.
A welcome addition to my collection so don’t be surprised to find this as one of your choices for a reading from me. At Goddess Elite.  I am very pleased with my new find.  You can find this deck among many at Goddess Elite as well as many readers.

     Untill then Blessed Be and remember Harm none and do as you will

DON Schilk,  intuitive reader and collector hailing at Goddess Elite

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Hey guys,

So today I have been thinking and I had thoughts all throughout my dreams last night. The dreams I had made it very hard to sleep because the thought of limits is one that can overwhelm you if you let it. I thought about what the word limits really means to me. Of course we have things like the speed you drive in a car and that is limited and you have to keep it under control.

However, there are other limits that we let be placed on us without reason. We let people who have no right to do so put limits on how we feel, what we believe, and even how we act each day. This can hurt our connections to higher beings, it can hurt what we are feeling when we know it is right. These kinds of things should not be allowed to happen to us. We should be allowed to push the limits of higher learning and believing as high as we want. I saw a line this morning that will stick with me for days I am sure. It was “Why should the sky be your limit when there are footprints on the moon?”

That was such a wow quote for me. Do we always push the limits of positivity or are there times we hold back because we are scared? Life in general is hard as we all know but I think that many of the reasons are self imposed or put on us because of what we think other people want us to be. This is not how we should live or function through the day.

When we shove limits out of our way and just do our thing we will end up higher and brighter than we ever have before. The heights we will reach will be amazing to all the doubters in our lives that tried holding us down. It is not always going to look like the easy way from the outside but when you are floating high above the doubt and negativity the world and people around us have to offer, it will feel great. Just keep it in mind as you go to sleep at night. Are the limits that I have on myself really needed to be there or can I break them?

Stay positive, help each other, and shatter the limits that are on you!!! -Ian

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Thanking and Acknowledging Spirit Guides

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all doing well today. Thanks so much for clicking the link to read the blog today! Today I will be writing about spirit guides. What to say to them, how to see them, how to have them help you in your everyday life. This is a process just like anything else that we learn. However, this is one that will definitely help you in your everyday life.

First off when you want to find a spirit guide, this will be an ordeal of starting off with daily meditation. In the meditation. When you do your meditation put all of your heart and soul into the idea of finding the spirit guide. You do not necessarily have to see them if you do not want to the first time. You also don’t even really need to talk to them. As time continues and you find them, they will be a big help if you do talk to them though. My spirit guide helps me in everyday situations, sometimes easy and many times hard.

As far as the meditation goes. Start off by being comfy, find a meditation you are comfortable with or one that is made specifically for this type of event. I know that Sharon Klingler has a cd for this as we have used it in psychic development circle with Jim Flynn. I always feel like whatever works for you can’t be wrong. You have to, at the end of the day, do it your own way.

When in meditation ask the guide to see them. You can imagine a doorway, a garage, a large sheet, anything that you want to make the guide become visible to you easier. Raise the hiding spot for your guide as quickly or as slowly as you please. Make sure that throughout this entire process you ask for white light and positivity. Do not be afraid of this process as it is going to help you. Keep a notebook near you as with any type of studying where you will need to remember things. Write down any descriptions that will help you to understand what the guide looks like or who they are.

Once you have a realization of what the guide looks like, the next step will be to get a name. The key thing to realize is that the name will not always be in  your native tongue. If you have a really hard time pronouncing or remembering the guides name, you can always ask them to give it to you in an easier way. Most of the time this will work. If not maybe do something like calling your guide by the first letter of thier name moving forward. Many times when we ask for help, we are helped but do not know who is helping us. This is just another way to acknowledge and thank our guides for being there for us when things are tough and we need someone to talk to or even help us with past lives or things in this life time we may not remember. If you have any experiences with spirit guides feel free to leave them in the box below. Thanks for reading the blog and heave a great week. Ian

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out of body experiences

Hello everyone, hoping that you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Once again I would like to put a thank you out there to all the soldiers that have lost their lives over the years fighting for the country and freedoms that we are a part of here in the United States of America.

Over the weekend I had some questions about astral travel and out  of body experiences from a family member. They had asked what I thought about them , how I felt about them, and for more information pertaining to them in general. I decided at that point that this week I would write the blog about that very subject of getting out of the human body. Anyone that can share experiences or knowledge feel free to share in the boxes below the blog.

An out of body experience is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, perceiving one’s physical body from a place outside one’s body. It is a really neat thing for some people and a really scary feeling for those that are not practiced in things like meditation or even astral travel or being out of the body during sleep or meditation. It really is one of those exercises that gets easier with practice and more able to hold control as you get used to it.

There are many causes or ways to be placed in an out of body experience. Some of the more common or typical ways are just simply falling asleep, whether taking a nap, or going to sleep for the night. You will have those times where you wake up and feel like you never got a wink of shut eye but you were out for a decent amount of time and shouldn’t really feel that way. Another way that some fall into the state is a near death experience. Some people claim to talk to gods, angels, or see white tunnels of light, or even relatives on the other side. We don’t always think of it but these are all out of body experiences. These can happen during long surgeries, comas, or other things where we are placed under anesthesia, or even when we are in a position of almost drowning. People that run marathons or exert amazing amounts of endurance also experience out of body because the body is unsure whether it is on air or land from moving at such amazing speeds and being in such a state of exhaustion.

This can at times be a total state of unknowing. I read a really cool story of Thomas Edison and his testing of out of body experiences. He would fall asleep and place a coin on his head. He would sit a metal bucket in his lap and when his head tipped the coin would fall off and land in the bucket. This would be loud and snap him out of it. There have been many studies over the years concerning out of body. It is all in how your brain percieves things. There are oils and stones for those of you that are into the metaphysical side of becoming better at out of body experiences and astral projection.

Astral projection is a way of doing out of body and ending up on another plane, realm, planet. This is a great way to get in touch with your guides, loved ones on the other sides, or even check in on a friend who you have not seen or heard from in quite some time.

Some of the stones I had mentioned earlier are Amethyst, sleeping with Amethyst facilitates out of body experiences and helps with intuitive dreaming, Calcite is a stone linked to the higher consciousness that facilitates the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities, channeling, and out-of-body experiences.  It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body. Howlite  links into the spiritual dimensions, opening atunement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insights.  It assists journeys out of the body and accessing past lives. Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician- priests, and other workers of magic.  Its dual coloring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to the spiritual and shamanic realms.  This stone supports shamanic practices or magical ritual.

Some oils for astral projection are myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood. You can blend them or use them separately. You can put them in a candle. Boil them on the stove or an oil burner. Get the essence around you before going into meditation or sleep. Also you can use dream pillows which are many times made out of mugwort most of the time. This will help you to remember your dreams or where you are traveling as you are out of body.

I hope that you have learned about out of body, also known as astral projection or soul journeying. Like I said, feel free to leave experieces, comments, or your own suggestions for tapping into OOBE better. Have a great week!-Ian

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Happiness through teamwork

Are  the things you do each day making you happy? If you go to work each day does the job you do put a smile on your face? I was listening to the radio last week and I heard a line from a man being interviewed and it really stuck with me to where every morning when I wake up since then I ask myself. The line was “If you wouldn’t do what you do for a job for free, should you really be doing it?” This is not always an option for everyone, but if it is an option in your life then you should think about it.

It really goes back to things like wishing, dreaming, and manifesting. This life we live is a really short one. I was talking to Melissa last night while watching our son play baseball about the importance of things such as this. I had a great weekend with my kids and lately I have been thinking a lot about quotes that matter to me and lines that I can live by. Another line I saw was “spending time with children is way more important then spending money on children”. What a great way to get our young ones started on the right path, by remembering that love and companionship has no monetary value and the fact that being around people that make you feel good and smile makes you forget all about the stressful things life has to offer us. None of us are broken, the pieces of us being happy are just sometimes scattered and we need to find them and pick them up and put the puzzle back together.

Deep down we all have issues and anger and things that hold us back from our goals and what we hope to feel and be. We have to grab a hammer and shatter the things that do not serve us.  It is not a simple path and it sure is not an easy one but by being a group and a family we can all get there. Do you have fears? Do you have a family or friends in your life that roll thier eyes at you or say things like “what the hell?” when you tell them the beliefs that you have?

Well as another way of getting people together and helping us all to be on the same page and help us be one, I am putting together a new circle that will help you tap into intuition and happiness through working together, talking, helping, and  coming together to overcome our fears. If you are an empath then we will help with that. As a team and friends we will find ways to bring smiles to our faces and bring support to us all that we may not have known was posssible. This is just another way to help us to make this short life better and happier for us all. I hope you will join me next tuesday for the support circle. It will be held on the 2nd and 4th tuesday of every month and admission is just five dollars. It will start at 7 p.m. and run until 8:30 p.m. It is always easier to do things or learn as a group or a team and with people who have your back. Come on out!!!

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Support yourself and others

Hey guys,

Welcome once again to this weeks blog. I have some exciting news! On May 12th, we will be starting a new group in the store. The group will be for those who have psychic abilities, questions, or just don’t have anyone to ask or talk to about things of the metaphysical nature or even things from the other side or aliens. The group will be called the psychic support group circle. It will be just five dollars and will be held in the store moving forward every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. I will be leading this circle and I am so excited and honored to be doing this.

There are so many people in the same situation that I was over 8 years ago. They are in a position of having feelings, seeing things, knowing things, but having no idea why or how those feelings came to them. I have learned a lot over the past couple of years that holding things in or not talking to anyone about what you are feeling or holding in can really hurt you physically with things like depression or anxiety.

Sometimes in life we feel like there is nobody in the world we can talk to about or issues or feelings. Sometimes we feel that there are not enough hours in the days, sometimes we feel like there are too many hours in the day and things are just swallowing us up. It is vital that we breathe and let things flow out of us and let go of all that does not serve us. It is just as important that we dwell on things that we do good or that help us out on the path that we call this lifetime.

There are too many days for all of us I am sure where we spend the entire day dwelling in negativity. Another issue that so many go through is working at a job or being in a relationship where someone is bashing us or telling us we are not good enough. The path to you being the best you ever is the one where you are acknowledged for doing good. A pat on the back is an amazing thing and the power of thank you or a smile is such a power boost of happiness for so many people. It is like that cold sip of delicious water when you are so thirsty. It really is amazing how we can raise our vibration by keeping a positive focus and helping others.

Thank you so much for reading the blog and I hope to see you all at this wonderful new group that starts May 12th. Have a great week and pat someone on the back!!


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Get grounded

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! We just got back late last night from Cincinnati, Ohio. We were vendors at an expo called Victory of Light. It is a really big expo with rooms of vendors and readers. The neighbors we were given at the festival were lots of fun and we really enjoyed the company that we had with them.

I had made it through the first day without many issues. By the middle of the second day I started to feel like my feet were no longer touching the floor. This is not an issue that I have ever had. I kept hearing the reader in the booth beside us offering chocolate kisses to people and telling them to eat chocolate for grounding. I had never thought of this but it seemed to work. Obviously, he was talking about grounding yourself spiritually. This was a giant building full of people doing energy work and beautiful crystals all around with energy coming off of them, An absolutely amazing atmosphere going on.

Some different feelings you may have if you need grounding are an upset stomach. Things like feeling dizzy or your ears ringing can be other things that you may feel when you have this going on. Losing track of thought over and over is another sign. I was walking around the building and really had a sense of not knowing where I was or where I was going. The lights around me seemed really bright and every noise was turned up to high volume. There were lots of people that I noticed bumping into other people or booths around the expo. I also noticed an extreme anxiousness coming onto me at all times. If you are in a situation or place with high energy all of these are signs that you are not grounded and not the fun kind like when you were a kid:)

Ways to get yourself grounded are many. Sometimes we can’t always do the things that need to be done to get ourselves back down on the ground where we want to be. As I mentioned earlier sugar is a thing that works for some people. I don’t believe it works for me as I feel ever more anxious when I eat sugar or chocolate but it sure does taste good. Doing a grounding meditation is another great way to snap out of being up too high. However, if during this exercise you find yourself not focusing or even at times falling asleep you may have to move onto something else.

A way to help you if accessible to you is to touch the ground. This should be obvious but it isn’t always something that all of us think of. When doing this you need to literally get your feet on the ground by taking off shoes and socks and get those feet firmly planted to the earth. This is usually very helpful. Mother earth will give you back the roots and the connection to being grounded.

There are also many stones that you can use to ground yourself when feeling spiritually off the floor. Also, looking into the color black is useful to clear the chakras and get you restarted. Try holding a piece of blue kyanite to get you back on track, it has always worked really good for me as far as a grounding stone. Many of the black stones such as black tourmaline also work good on clearing you out and pushing the energy away from you so that you can reground yourself. Many people use hematite jewelry such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet to get them back down.

Things like having a reiki session or tuning forks can also help you out. What ways do you use to ground and calm yourself down when you have the issues of getting too high up in areas like this or places of high energy, feel free to get interactive in the box below and join the blog! Have a great week and thanks for reading. -Ian

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Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some of us down and struggling. I am one of those people. I have been trying to find out why I am how I am lately.

Finding out where we came from can sometimes be hard for people because we don’t know vital members of the family that could be the missing puzzle piece that help to tell our story to us. I never got to meet my mother’s mom or my father’s dad. This has always made me wonder. I really would have loved to meet my grandma, I have this strange missing for her even though I never got to meet her. The same thing with my papa on my father’s side.

I really have tried tapping into this all by practicing mediumship. I have sat through seances and talked to readers but those two important relatives never really pop up. My grandpa whom I was very close with is still very close to me. He just passed a few years ago. It is a crazy thought trying to tap into relatives that never met you and trying to introduce yourself to them. I thought should I just meditate and say Hi, I’m your grandson and I never met you but I miss you tons and want to know your side of the story when it comes to family trees and stories and things such as this.

Last year at the Dia de los Muertos celebration that we had at the store was the beginning of me figuring out how to get this rolling. Family alters are a great start to make this all come into fruition for you. You can get pictures of the family members and put them on a table in the house. If there are things that you have from the person put them on the table. If you have stones that you use that help with family trees or making dreams more real this may also help you with tapping into the family roots. The family tree is the key to knowing for so many of us. If there is a book that your family makes or another family member living that knows information about the person you are trying to get in touch with, this may help you as well.

I was given a gift for Valentines day this year of a family tree coin. It is a beautiful coin with two sides. One of the sides is for the fathers side and the other is for the mothers side. I carry the coin in my pocket and also sit it on the nightstand at night while I sleep to help get the family members I wan’t to get in touch with. It helps to have a notebook on hand, much like when trying to remember any other type of dreaming. Citrine and jasper are both great stones if the feelings you have are those of grief. The jasper will help you to put joy into the situation and the citrine will help if there is a negative feeling towards it or a break in the auric field due to the situation. Other pieces that work great for setting up the family alter are things like statuary of a family shield etc..

Doing things like a past life meditation will also help you to tap into the past and see how you started and where you came from. I am not sure if this kind of thing is as important to others as it is to me. However, if it is leave comments below and we can talk back and forth about it. We have nothing without memories and family. Have a great week everybody and thank you for reading the blog. -Ian

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St. Patricks History

With St. Patrick’s day coming up next week I figured I would post a blog about the holiday and where it came from and how it came about. It is a really neat story and puts some things that we now know about it in perspective. It  is a great time to get things rolling with prosperity whether being in life changes or money or a job. I hope there is some info in this blog that you didn’t know before reading this.

St. Patrick, Catholic Irish Saint,is known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. That story is actually a cultural re-visioning. St. Patrick, identified with the shamrock, was no Saint and not lucky at all for the pagans who worshipped the Goddess. Ireland since time out of mind was a pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Nature, Goddess worshipping land. These people were demonized and ripped off by St. Paddy. St. Paddy was NOT Irish. Born in Scotland to Roman parents around 387 AD. Taken prisoner at 14, he was sent to Ireland as a slave. He studied the language and learned the customs of the people, original Nature loving, pantheistic earth worshippers. As the story goes, Patrick prayed to God. He had a dream he was to leave Ireland but the Irish people were calling him back. He studied to be a priest. He became a Bishop and was sent back to Ireland to teach the Gospel. He arrived at Slane on March 25, 433. Patrick converted many thousands of people including Irish Kings who were moved {or threatened} upon hearing Patrick’s message. He himself had many disciples who were all later canonized. He preached for over 40 years, apparently worked many miracles, and wrote of his love for God in his confessions. He lived in poverty, travelled and endured much suffering and died March 17, 461 AD. at Saul, where he had built his first church. It’s 1,550 years since he died.

(THE SHAMROCK)  Patrick used the shamrock, as the symbol of the holy Trinity. The Shamrock or clover {note the sham pun in shamrock, puns are always give a ways} is originally an ancient PAGAN SYMBOL of the GODDESS, the original Holy TRINITY, the TRIPLE GODDESS, whose phases we see as the Moon waxing and waning. The Triple Goddess, like the Roman God Janus, who was also an overlay of the original Goddess worshipping religions, represents the past present and future. Christianity like Hinduism, Judaism, Islam always incorporated former religions but then skews the original meaning, usually inferring the opposite. St. Patrick was famous for driving the snakes out of Ireland, meaning he drove the pagans out/converted them. The snake is a euphemism; the snakes symbolize the Goddess, rebirth, sexuality, eternity, and wisdom. Snakes were always her honored symbol. In the re-writing of the Goddess history, the propaganda popularly known as the Bible, tells how in Genesis, the snake was turned into evil and Eve made to be seen as wicked, the original sinner, forever dooming women to hardship in birth, and never able to repent. This has a lot to do with the symbolism seen in Gods like Cernunnos as well, as he is seen holding a snake. He is also a god of fertility, life, wealth, and prosperity, which all go with the holiday. The legend of the Leprechauns is that they know all the secrets of hidden treasures. Their affiliation with shoe-making, rainbows, and pots of gold is really symbolic of them being earth elemental demon spirits. As you can see most every symbolism associated with the holiday today has a pagan affiliation or pagan roots. We hope you have enjoyed reading the info that we have to share about the St. Patricks Day holiday. Have a prosperous and smooth week. See ya soon!!