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The Abundance Code Review

The Abundance Code. How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now.

Author: Julie Ann Cairns

The Abundance Code was a quick and good read.  It’s main purpose is to show and address what the author feels are the 7 money myths that keep anyone from achieving their true prosperous living.  The 7 money myths they author addresses are: Scarcity, Time=Money, Work=Worth, It Takes Money to Make Money, Easy Come, Easy Go, Money Wont Make You Happy, and finally, Money Corrupts You.  Each myth is given it’s own chapter which include how to identify they myth in your own life, other world examples, reasoning on why it’s a myth, and how to overcome beliefe in that myth so that you can start changing the way you think.

I personally resonated with the myth of Money Won’t Make You Happy.  The example given that really hit home was about a business owner who would never take a day off.  Well, that’s me.  Money could make me happy, because I could afford to spend time with family on a vacation away from home.  Not just a day off spent tidying up the house.  That it is really okay, really really okay, to enjoy time off.  And being okay with the thought that money could make this happen is okay too.

The author includes a chart towards the end of the book for positive affirmations to overcome each fear for quick reference.  I believe this book would be a good read for anyone, regardless of their financial situation.


Melissa, Owner/Operator

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