Monthly Psychic Fair

Monthly Psychic Fair

Our fairs happen the last Sunday of the month in store.  Readers and healers change out monthly.  Sessions are 15 minutes for only $20 cash.

 March Includes:

Mike Berta- Tarot, Psychic, Medium
Rebecca Stewart- Angel Channel, Pet Communicator, Medium
Greg Kendzior-Psychic, Medium, Sea Shells, Dominoes, Palmistry
Julie Toth- Medium, Intuitive
Lucinda- Medium, Guides, Psychic
Elizabeth Howell- Psychic, Tarot, Astrology
Don Schilk- Tarot, Zodiac, Psychometry
Jim Flynn- Medium, Intuitive, Empath
Nadine- Angelcards, Intuitive, Adorable Oracle

Maria Serna- Pranic Healing
Sue Ball – ITOVI, Emotion Code, Body Code
Lucinda- Reiki