Ethereal Oracle


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Welcome to the world of The Ethereal Oracle. This deck has been created with the intent that it will serve you in finding and maintaining purpose on your path. Use it to guide you along your way to see what dynamics are at play and how to work and learn though your experiences. These brief meanings are a sketch or starting point. The energy within the images of each card can go as deep as you wish in understanding yourself in a broader and grander perspective. As with all decks, to truly work with the cards developing your own understandings of what they can share. These brief meanings are to help you get started, however how you feel and the impression you get from each card actually has a more significance for you.

How to use the cards. 

There are unlimited ways you can lay out the cards to find the guidance you seek. Like the meanings of the cards themselves, you are encouraged to experiment and find what works best for you. Here are few sample ways to get you started.


When a card is upside, it is alluding to “not doing”. It may be considered a challenge, or the lesson in the card is not being learned. It is not speaking to an opposite dynamic, it is speaking to an opposite use, application, or perspective of the same dynamic. It comes up to bring your attention to it. If you re not able to learn and grow from it that is fine too, however, it will likely come up again in a different scenario with the same dynamic or lesson behind it.


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