High Focus


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Perhaps your energy is dragging, but you need laser-sharp high focus for a meeting or exam or presentation. Maybe concentrating on a single task has never been one of your strong points. Now you can easily reach high-performance brain states with this meditation music for focus, ideal for increasing cognition and focusing on any task. Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40hz brainwave frequency used on this program is “key to the act of cognition.” See for yourself.

Simply slip on your headphones, press play, and within minutes your brain waves will entrain to Gamma and Beta waves, becoming organized into a state of “high-coherence.” Gamma and Beta binaural beats create the state of crystal-clear clarity when both hemispheres of your brain become balanced and mental energy is maximized. Suddenly you’ll feel your mind focusing like a laser beam as your brain releases catecholamines, which boost your learning and memory skills.

ISBN-10: 1881451976

ISBN-13: 978-1881451976


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