The Four Elemental Treasures of the Witch



Dec. 9th & 10th, 2017.  From 10am to 6pm.

Witches, magicians and shamans honor the blessings of the four directions, the four elements and the four sacred tools – the stone, the wand, the blade and the cup. In the Celtic traditions, the four tools are the four treasures, the four hallows or sacred instruments from the four fabled cities of the Tuatha De Danannan. Hailing from the cities of Falias, Gorias, Finias and Murias come the Stone of Sovereignty, the Sword of Truth, the Spear of Victory and the Cup of Compassion. Become like the Magician of the Tarot, holding all four tools. In this intensive, we’ll explore working with the elements of the wise – fire, air, water and earth – in magick, meditation and mystery. While many think of elemental magick as “simple” its part of our life long learning process. Learn about the elemental beings, their ruling “kings” and the totem animals, archangels and deities aligned with each power. Experience elemental magick, using herbs and stones aligned with the four powers. Learn elemental breathing techniques to revivify and energize yourself, and traditional “pore breathing” of the elements. Understand the element of your zodiac birth sign. Journey to the inner realms to find the four treasures and gain greater mastery over your magick. Look at the human quests found in the four suits of the Tarot deck. Meet the Keepers of the Hallows and the teachers and healers from the Four Elemental Temples. Seek the mysteries of Light, Life, Love and Law, and seek the mysteries center, and the blessings of Liberty!


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