Candle Reference

Candle Reference

The following is a brief reference to help you in your candle color selection. We offer classes on candles, check our calander page for dates. This is a simple start using color assignment only. Enjoy!

White: combination of all colors reflects light with little absorption. When in doubt use White, which is the most highly balanced form of spirituality possible.
Key Phrases: to seem unreachable, untouchable, and incorruptible; to repel destructive energies; to raise vibrational level; heal emotions; build purity; balance the aura.

Black: an intense concentration of all colors; absorbs light. Not absence of color, rather absence of color reflection.
Key Phrases: to absorb or remove anything; to remove or encase undesirable energies; to break up blocked or stagnant situations. The Crone. The Unconscious mind.

Brown: Earth energy. Feminine nature, complex due to it’s blending of Red, Yellow and Blue energies.
Key Phrases: to learn to ground and center you consciousness with the earth. To acquire basic needs for survival.

Gray: Dual nature, an equal blend of White and Black energies; a neutralizing energy. Gray neutralizes destructive energies in a non-karmic way.
Key Phrases: To cancel, neutralize and return to the universe without repercussion.

Blue: Transforms violence, anger and hate. It soothes and cools. A predominantly feminine energy, Blue gives peace, calm, harmony, satisfaction and understanding of the spiritual realms.
Key Phrases: Calm and peace from within. Religious beliefs in a pure and healthy state; peace from within; first contact with Higher Self.

Yellow: the color of mental clarity, swiftness and accuracy. A sunny disposition with spiritual attuning to the healing forces of male energy.
Key Phrases: to obtain knowledge; to learn swiftly; to gain insight into problems

Gold: the Male half of Cosmic Life Force Energy. Intelligent action or action motivated by deliberation and knowledge; usually healing, money, wealth in mind.
Key Phrases: to attract money and power (although you will have to work to keep it); to heal and rejuvenate your being; to attract active, happy people into your life; proper action in monetary situations.

Red: a fiery color that attracts and magnetizes, but must be used with discernment to avoid disastrous results; darker shades of red can draw energies of war, battle, confrontation, hate and danger. Also, physical love.
Key Phrases: lust, physical desire, anger, base energy, courage, enemies, danger, or pain. Stimulates & energizes.

Pink: a lighter shade of Red. It deals with spiritual, emotional love rather than physical. Freely given love from the heart. Unconditional love.
Key Phrases: Love from the heart without sexual connotations; purest love; unconditional love; unselfish emotions.

Orange: a combination of Red (fiery passion) and Yellow (intelligence and clarity). The tempering of aggressive nature with respect for consequences.
Key Phrases: prosperity, energy building; attraction others in a positive, productive way; attracts success, good luck and fortune. Focuses the momentum of desire toward a desired goal.

Green: good fortune in finances that may become elusive (leprechaun chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). Used in monetary matters, it may need to work with another color to clarify financial goals. Green is a good color to get in touch with green growing things; a color for gardeners.
Key Phrases: money, healing, fertility, good luck and fortune; attracts success. Communication with the plant kingdom.

Purple: the color of expansion in all forms. Purple expands your desires, such as spirituality, business, money, health or love.
Key Phrases: Money begets money, the rich get richer; poverty begets poverty, the poor get poorer. Purple brings you more of what you already have. Enhancement of power, psychic ability, male energy. Bestows protective energy, fame, power and cognition in a chosen field