Crystal Care

Cleansing, Clearing, and Charging Crystals


Usually when you purchase or are given a new crystal, you start by cleaning it first. That is simply taking care of the physical appearance -cleaning the dust and/or price ticket residue from the crystal. Please be sure you get the proper cleaning method of your special crystal when you purchase it.

Next, you would clear/cleanse your crystal to remove any energy that was attracted it from anyone else who came in contact with it. You can also clear/cleanse a crystal at any time to refresh it or to clear it of any residual energies that it may have been absorbed or was attracted to it.

There are a few crystals that do not require clearing/cleansing and yet others that help to clear/cleanse other crystals. Look to Kyanite and Selenite, just to name two, that meet this description.

There are several ways to clean/cleanse a crystal and there have been many books and teachings on just how to do that. We recommend that you use the technique that resonates with you, feels most comfortable to you or sounds the best to you. You can clear/cleanse your crystal(s) by using Sage, Sweetgrass, Incense or Reiki. Run your crystal(s) over the smoke with the intention for having the smoke clear/cleanse anyone else’s energy. You can also clear/cleanse your crystal any time it feels sluggish or is not working the way it used to. If you are using Reiki to clear/cleanse you would activate Reiki and while holding your crystal, intend for the Reiki to clear/cleanse it for you.

As always, water is a wonderful cleanser of energy. Use the running water of a stream or simply from your faucet will help clean/cleanse your crystal.

Caution … certain crystals should not be cleaned/cleared using water like any of the salt crystals (ie selenite).

Now that you have clean/cleansed your crystal, it is time to charge it. Once again, there are many ways to accomplish this task. You can charge your crystal(s) via Lunar (Moon) or Solar (Sun) energy. You can also charge it using Reiki or other energy technique.

Caution … Over time certain crystals fade if left in direct sunlight, so be careful charging your Rose Quartz or Amethyst with Solar energy. When in doubt, check a reliable source for more detailed information on your crystal.

Another Caution … clear quartz can focus Solar rays like a magnifying glass and may be a fire hazard (We have first hand experience with this phenomenon), so caution leaving your clear quartz out in solar energy on flammable material.