Crystal Reference

We’d like you be sure of what you are selecting in your stone purchase. At Goddess Elite, we will never knowingly mislead you. If you have any questions about the name of a stone you are purchasing, be sure to verify before you purchase. Many of the stones go by several names. Some of the names are regional, or ancient or just decorative. Sometimes, that the more fancy the name, the higher the price!

There are many good books written on this topic and we suggest that you add them to your personal library. Check your book store for some suggestions.

The following is a quick reference to some of the metaphysical applications of stones that we typically have in stock.  Those with an * next to the name are currently available in store stock.

Agate … enhance mental function as they improve concentration, perception and analytical abilities
… Increases concentration and clarity. Promotes good will. Aids overcoming flaws, fears, & loneliness
*Blue Lace
… Peaceful and calming stone; helps arthritis, promotes mending of breaks & fractures
*Botswana … Benefiting the circulatory system & skin it also benefits those who want to stop smoking.
*Moss … A birthing crystal, a stone of new beginnings; helps plants grow
*Tree … Is the common name for Dendritic Agate. Aligns anything with branches (blood vessels, nerves etc)

… Helps all kinds of female problems; Pacify aggression & soothes emotional processes

… Good for everything. Stone of Spirituality and contentment

*Angelite … Talk to your angelic guide. Promotes astrological & mathematical understanding

*Auralite 23 … Reminds one of their sacred journey, quiets and calms the mind

*Aventurine … Good luck stone, helps with family unity; balances intellectual, emotional, physical & auric bodies

*Apache Tears (aka Obsidian) … Very protective; Sheds the tears for one in times of sorrow

*Azeztulite …  activates ascension points at base of spine, helps in making important decisions, opens third eye and crown chkras

*Azurite … Guides psychic & intuitive development

*Bloodstone … Good for whole body cleansing

*Boji Stone … Removes blockages, relieves discomfort, grounding

*Calcite:  Green … Good for throat and lung area. Rids the body of infection; Mental healer
*Blue … Gentle stone of recuperation & relaxation

*Carnelian … Helps self esteem, fears, anger, & banishes sorrow

*Chalcedony… Harmonizes the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Help with spleen, bones, blood and gallbladder.

*Charoite … Stone of transformation. Soul stone that overcomes fear

*Chrysocolla … Draws off negativity, encourages inner balance, inspires creativity.  Beneficial for metabolism and relieving arthritis.

*Chrysoprase … Promotes hope, energizes the sacral and heart chakras, helps encourage forgiveness.  Promotes peaceful sleep.

*Citrine … Good for health and wealth

*Fluorite … Aura cleanser, helps bones, helps I.Q. Brings order to chaos

*Fuchsite …  Helps to find holisitc healing for dis-ease.

*Garnet … Releases all types of fear, gives one more energy; Stone of health

Halite… Guards against negative energies & pschic attacks, detoxifying, beneficial for respiratory disorders & bi-polar disorder

*Hematite … Good for grounding, shielding against negativity; Stone of the mind

*Howlite …Used to calm communication, facilitate awareness

*Jade … Dream stone. Sovereign of harmony, facilitates peace

*Jasper: Leopard … Aids in the realm of protection
Orbicular … assists in accepting responsibility and instilling patience
*Picture … Stone of proportion & harmony
… rectifying unjust circumstances

*Kyanite … Stimulates psychic abilities and intuition

*Blue, *Black, *Green

*Labradorite … Releases childhood fears & old anger. Aura protector
*Gold … Find your own inner beauty and feel better about how you look. Accept yourself and grow

*Lapis Lazuli … Old energy stone, good for psychic powers; Stone of Awareness

*Lepidolite … Good for depression, very peaceful; Stress reduction

*Malachite … Excellent for all types of healing; Stone of Transformation

Merlinite … Heals past-life trauma, promotes reading Akashic Records and balances the yin-yang.

*Moldavite … Enhances communication with your higher self, extraterrestrials, ascended masters and cosmic messengers.

*Moonstone … Balances female energy. Goddess stone; Stone that relates to new beginnings

*Moonstone Rainbow … Best stone for connection to the Divine Goddess/ Feminine

*Obsidian: Black … Self control is increased
*Rainbow … One of the gentler obsidians but strong protective properties
*Snowflake … Soothes and clams; Stone of Purity. Good for protecting Home and Car

*Onyx … Centers your energy and aligns it with a higher power, aids in accessing higher guidance

*Peridot … Helps keep laugh a lot! Keeps away evil spirits; powerful cleanser. Releasing & neutralizing toxins

*Petalite … Enhances angelic connections and spiritual purification.  Harmonizes the endocrine system.

*Pietersite … Stimulates third eye, beneficial for vision quests, stimulates the pituitary gland.  Eases exhaustion for those who have no time to rest.

*Pyrite … Great for grounding and seeing reality in true light

Red: Helps one understand complex ideas & create new intellectual challenges. Good for dyslexia too

*Rhodochrosite…  encourages positive attitude and creativity.  Helps with migraines, eyesight and respiratory problems.

*Rhodonite … Stone of Love, dispels anxiety

*Rhyolite … Useful for past-life healing. Enhances self-esteem & self-worth

*Rose Quartz … Aids in loving yourself; calming & cooling energy; stone of gentle love

*Rutilated Quartz … Good for increasing your power & energy

*Sardonyx …  aids in processing info and preception, regulates metabolism

*Seraphinite … cleanses heart chakra, excellent for accessing self healing, promotes weightloss

*Serpentine … Clears clouded Chakras; stimulates opening for Kundalini to move

*Shiva Lingam … Sacred Stone … best balancing stone

*Smoky Quartz … Good for protection and grounding; promotes personal pride & joy in living

*Sodalite … Good for psychic powers; encouraging self esteem, self trust & trust in others

*Sugilite … Excellent for autism, encourages positive thoughts and helps to clear headaches.

*Sunstone … Good for Arthritis, brings sunshine to your life; dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress

*Tanzanite… links to Akashic Record, angelic realms & Ascended Masters, heals past lives

*Tektite … a Meteorite; enhance communication with other worlds

*Tiger Eye … Good for energy, making decisions & dieting; enhances psychic abilities

*Tourmaline … Gate to the inner or higher self; Shamanic stone; indicates a good direction in which to move

*Pink, *Black, *Green, *Watermelon

*Turquoise… Great for empowerment, aligns all charkas; it is the healer of the spirit

*Unakite … Helps one adapt to change; stimulates healthy pregnancy & healthy baby in the womb

*Youngite… Shamanic stone that helps reach different levels of consciousness, heals childhood trauma

*Zincite… Assists the kundalini to rise, attracts physical and spiritual abundance, treats infertility & boosts immune system

Disclaimer: The Metaphysical and Healing properties listed on this website are for inspiration and reference. These properties are dependent on the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they to replace the diagnosis or treatment of a qualified physician or therapist.