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out of body experiences

Hello everyone, hoping that you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Once again I would like to put a thank you out there to all the soldiers that have lost their lives over the years fighting for the country and freedoms that we are a part of here in the United States of America. Over the […]

Support yourself and others

Hey guys, Welcome once again to this weeks blog. I have some exciting news! On May 12th, we will be starting a new group in the store. The group will be for those who have psychic abilities, questions, or just don’t have anyone to ask or talk to about things of the metaphysical nature or […]

getting that vibe

When you get that feeling,  that tingle,  that ringing in your ears what do you do?  Do you ignore it,  do you shrug it off, do you take it as no big deal?  For the longest time I did those same things. As I have awoken to live another day on this beautiful planet lately […]

psychic protection

Hey guys, this week’s topic is one that I haven’t thought about in a long time but definitely should never have let it slip my mind. It is a lesson that you learn in the earliest forms of psychic development classes.  It was a really awesome day on Sunday at our first psychic fair of […]

Path to Positivity

I had a session with lovey over the weekend and it was quite an experience.  I have had a really long month and I was in a really bad place in life as far as stress and emotionally.  I was having trouble getting through the day as of late. I worked a shift during the […]

Angels, Companions in Magick

Angels, Companions in Magick. By Silver RavenWolf For anyone wanting to further their work with all types of angels into a magical sense, this book is a great tool.  This book covers angels associated with zodiac sings, planetary hours, colors, planets, elements, past lives, etc.   Great care is also given in explaining how to […]

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