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out of body experiences

Hello everyone, hoping that you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Once again I would like to put a thank you out there to all the soldiers that have lost their lives over the years fighting for the country and freedoms that we are a part of here in the United States of America. Over the […]

getting that vibe

When you get that feeling,  that tingle,  that ringing in your ears what do you do?  Do you ignore it,  do you shrug it off, do you take it as no big deal?  For the longest time I did those same things. As I have awoken to live another day on this beautiful planet lately […]

Seeing Auras

This blog i am gonna write about seeing auras and what they can tell you about peoples moods or even how spiritually involved that they are. Seeing auras may be an ability that you have and you may have never known you had. I never knew I had the ability until I took a class […]

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