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“We have such sights to show you”

I know, I know, I titled the blog after a quote from the 1987 movie “Hellraiser”, however this blog could not be farther from that. I am going to tell you all about some amazing sights that I saw over the weekend while taking an amazing class with Lovey Adamczyk. Have you ever been in a place and you get that feeling that you just know you are supposed to be there but you don’t know why? Well that is where I found myself this weekend. I was seated in the healing room at the store for Lovey’s Basic I.E.T. class for Saturday and Sunday.  I never realized how amazing some of the sights that I would see would be.

On day one we went through the rainbow of angels. Well, I guess that the rainbow would not be the proper way to put it, especially in my head because I know that some people see angels totally by color but not me, I saw way more than I ever had imagined I would see as Saturday went by. All of this really reinstated the fact of just how visual my brain could really be and how amazing the things you can see in a simple meditation can really be.

So we had gotten through a lot of the instruction part of the class and it was time for our first meditation. The first meditation would be with angel Ariel. When Lovey does a session on you she has you draw a card, Ariel has been my card about two thirds of the time so I was familiar with her and ready to go. As we closed our eyes there it was, the calmest, brightest white light I have ever seen in my life. A feeling of peace surrounded me and I felt almost as secure as I ever had. What a great start to the day of meeting my healing angels that I would use for the next 2 days of class.

The next angel that we would be working with was angel Raphael. This was exciting as I am a person that really struggles with a feeling of being alone. Raphael is supposed to be good at working us through situations such as this. Here we went and it was time to lock in to Raphael, out of nowhere I see this huge, beautiful bridge, golden gate style, there was definitely no give to this bridge. It had a green light on the front of it and I heard a message in my hear telling me “Cross it and don’t look back”. Cross I did and I will be definitely enjoying alone time more than I have in the past because of the feeling of security gained from this exercise.

The angel Faith was the next in line for us to work with on this day. Her message much like her name is to have faith and enjoy the freedom that it brings. As we go into meditation with Faith I see a box, it opens and out flies a dragonfly. All of the sudden I get the feeling of being in a forest with huge trees with green bolts of light flowing down on me. The messages “think outside the box” and “share what burdens you”. The messages are just flowing and the sights have been quite amazing to this point.  I am really loving this class and hoping that there is more to come as we get locked into these angels.

Next in line is Gabriel. I have heard many things about Gabriel in the past but never meditated to talk or work with this angel before. He is supposed to give direction and clear the sense of uncertainty and distrust, which are also some things that I struggle with. As I close my eyes, I immediately see a huge tree with its roots very firmly planted in the soil. Then I see a bright yellow sun with some really cool blue eyes. Gabriel then says close your eyes and see this and as I did this in my meditation all of the colors of the chakra wheel, one by one came to me. I am really feeling great after this.

We then met the angel Celestina, she is here to teach us and help us with creative expression and clearing the swallowing of self expression. This was good because I am really working on saying things with soft lips and watching saying things roughly or in a way that they may hurt other people.  As we go into meditation I see the most awesome mountains with huge birds soaring above them. There are bright purple shadows everywhere and in the clouds the word “SOAR” is there. What a cool message this was.

I am at this point telling myself that there is no way that this can keep up with the awesome sights I have been shown today but let’s see anyway as it’s now time to bring in the angel known as Cassiel. This angel teaches unconditional love and relieves us from heartache and feelings of betrayal. As the lights go out and my head draws Cassiel in I see what reminds me of a nun but could be an angel and she kisses me on the forehead. At this point red takes over the sights that I am seeing and A lightning bolt hits the tree from earlier, knocking a branch off of it and I get two more messages from the amazing tree. “It’s alright to be imperfect” and “Don’t look back are both carved into the tree that at this point seems to be my tree of life.

Wow, is really all I can think and then I look to the wall which has beautiful pictures of each angel we will work with and see that there are still 3 to go. Daniel is next up and Lovey really likes him because he is almost like a bodyguard when doing integrated energy therapy. He teaches forgiveness and helps clear self judgement as well as that coming from other people. It is now time to go back into meditation and I am on a huge ship  with the most beautiful, blue sails. This is the calmest water I have ever been around and felt. As I look up on the blue sails on the ship the words “Call on me and all will be smooth sailing”. are written in huge, bold writing. The ship is just gliding across the amazing, blue body of water. I was really given the feeling of being a pirate of positivity after working with Daniel.

Sarah was on deck and coming in next. Her healing gift was empowerment and is here to help clear us from feelings of powerlessness caused by ourselves or others. During this meditation I look up and am in the middle of a really long hallway. Much like time when in meditation, this hall goes very quickly as you go step by step. I have been in many meditations lastly not more than 3o minutes and feel like I have been in for hours. I look at the wall at the end of the hall and there is a banner hanging on the wall that stated: “The hardest of goals are easily achieved by stepping one foot at a time”. This reminded me to not rush to conclusions or let little things ruin my mood. Take one step at a time whether walking into positivity or away from negativity.

Last but definitely not least is the big bopper, the one that everybody knows and loves. We would be working with Michael. He is the protector and helps us clear fear. He is here to keep us on track to finding our mission in this short period of time called life. I got a little excited because good things usually come to me while working with Michael. Eyes closed, time to count down and get some Michael time. When I think of Michael, I always think of Michael Carpenter from the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. Michael is a knight of the cross and a huge man, he carries a giant sword, he stands for light. He is like a human version of the angel Michael. The Michael meditation begins with a flashback from my childhood at about age 3 or 4. I see myself hopping up and down on my red rocking horse, I am sitting on my fathers lap watching He-Man and Smurfs cartoons on a Saturday morning. I am my little self playing with my dads guitar and listening to the smooth sounds of the band Devo telling me to “Whip It”. All of the sudden I see the Archangel Michael standing before me with arms wide open with flames around him. The flames change from chakra color to chakra color. Perfect vibrations are going around the flames and all is well in the world with my visions of childhood and the best times of my life. Sometimes all you need to do is put yourself in that happy place in order to feel that sense of protection that can not be found anywhere else. Amazing! That is the only way to describe this.

This day of learning got me going like no other day of learning in quite a long time. I highly recommend working with Lovey. I can not guarantee that the results that I have felt, the experiences that I have described will happen for you. My hope for you is that what I have just told you about is only the tip of the iceberg for you. I am a visual person and the sights I have seen were amazing. If you want to talk more about my weekend or have questions about this class leave a comment below. You can sign up and learn more about Lovey by checking out

Once again thank you so much for spending a few minutes of your time checking out the blog! -Ian

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power of words

This weeks blog is going to be about how important it is to watch your words because they really have power to them.  

We don’t always think this way but your words can make someone smile, they can make someone cry, they can make you look smart, they can make you sound dumb. Your words are very important and it’s funny but maybe our parents were onto something when we were little and they said “if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”.  

Sometimes we get into a negative funk and we say things like” this is terrible” or the biggest one in the world is “I CAN’T”. These are very hard lessons to learn in life because a lot of times in life when we say things like this we are looking for someone to feel sorry for us and as we all know if you don’t believe in yourself there is no other person in the world that is going to pump you up.  

The motivational speakers really do have something when they teach us lessons like saying things like you are awesome and that you deserve the best. Making this a part of a meditation is a really good way to get started off on the right foot. Also, taking that extra time to think about what you are saying instead of just spitting it out. Think about times in your life where you have taken yourself down a bad road or a time in your life where you have taken the good road. How did we handle those situations? I would be willing to say that there aren’t a whole lot of times where you were totally negative and good things happened for you.  

The time that we have on this life plain is short. We need to wake up each morning and do all that we can to make sure that we are helping ourselves to have an easier time on it.  Life is not always going to be easy but we need to put positivity into it to make it easier to live here.  So then the question that was going through my head is what if your intuition is telling you negative things.  Maybe you should ask your guides or even yourself is that part of your intuition really coming from the right place and is it coming from the white light? We all have bad times but its how we handle them and how we react to them that determines how long the bad times are going to last. I guess where we go with all this is to ask ourselves, “Are the things that come out of my mouth helpful to myself and others?”. If not maybe hold those in and think about why you are wanting to express yourself in that way.  

Once again thank you for reading this blog and feel free to leave comments and your own ideas on positive thinking. This is a daily work in progress for many people including myself and helping each other is never a bad thing. Have a great week and remember in the words of our friend Maria. I get better and better every day in every way!



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Free Will and Self Reflection


“When you look in the mirror each morning is who you see the who you want to be?”

While what others think about you and how others feel about you may seem obviously important, it is important first to ask yourself how you feel and what you want and need to become the person that makes you happy.  Many times in life we wander around trying to make everyone happy and never once in our lives do we care about making ourselves happy.  At the end of the day does making others happy and worrying about how everyone else feels and not bothering to fulfill ourselves to happiness once in awhile really get out of life what we need to try and get out of it.  Are we really serving a higher being if we aren’t taking care of ourselves emotionally and mentally?

These are questions that I have really started to ponder as I walk through my personal life lately.  I’m sure that we have all had these eye opening moments in life where we work so hard to make others happy that we are making ourselves miserable inside because the other people through there own free will have already taken care of many of the things that you are trying to take care of and don’t need you to do them for them.  We all have a plan for us on this short time on earth.  

We need to make sure that while we are spending our time here that we are not stepping in the way of another persons free will and what they are trying to accomplish.  We may feel that we are just trying to help but we really may be hindering someone else’s experience here. We have to let everyone live the way that they want to and at the end of the day the only truly controllable person in your life is you. So by being a good example for a younger generation we still need to let them choose their own paths in this lifespan. Keep our eyes open and open others eyes through the actions that we do but not forcing those actions toward another person.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. I guess what I have spinning in my head is that you have to make you happy for others to be happy around you and controlling our actions and how we interact with others has a huge impact on how people look at us. So while you do have free will and the right to do what you want just remember that someone else may use their own free will to stay away from you or not want to be around you. 

In the end I guess it goes back to last weeks blog while we do have free will are we all really using it to make the world a better place or are we selfish or do we try influencing others free will on a daily basis and keep ourselves from truly being happy and advancing towards the goal of helping others and being a shining light in this world that we live in??  We all have the power to make ourselves happy every day, are we doing that first??   Think about it………


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Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!-Bob Marley

This week I have decided to write a blog about unity. After an awesome weekend in Bedford, Ohio at the Cleveland Area Pagan Pride, I have had the idea of unity in my head for the last couple of days now.  I had a long conversation over the weekend with one of the customers that came to our booth and she was actually doing a project for her college class about how calm and peaceful that certain religions that are usually classified as violent and rugged could be. She was taking videos and pictures of this calm festival of diverse people and talking about how nice it was.  While I agreed I have always kind of believed to myself that the world would be a much better place if we all just opened up our minds and melted things together and we were accepting of all belief systems and skin colors.

As we sat at our dinner table last night my stepson and I had a very in depth talk about the military and fighting in wars and why that the wars are fought and it was really difficult to fathom how some of these wars and fights are started and how some of them may have never come to this and soldiers wouldn’t have to fight if we all just united as one and listened to each others ideas and religions and worked together as a planet.  When I went to church as a boy I always believed that there was more out there than just what was in the walls of the church, that there were more people that could be prayed for than just the ones I saw in the church.  Should we really not care about someone just because they believe in a different god or goddess than we do. I think that shouldn’t ever be the case.

We are all given free will and that includes believing or following what we want to follow whether on a spiritual path or just life in general.  I believe that if we can raise this next generation to believe more in working together and opening minds up to all the world has to offer, all the different cultures that the world will become a better place to live.  The world is a very scary place with all the hatred and anger that is out there.  We all need to make sure that we are showing the bright light that needs to be seen every day and that we are an example that our children can follow and use to make this world an amazing unified place to live.  One where we all can do our own thing and be accepting that just because we don’t do what our neighbor does on a Sunday morning doesn’t make you a bad person. I still hold many of the same beliefs that I held as a child but have evolved and am more willing than ever to listen to what anyone that is of different culture or religion believes and maybe even take some of that on in my own path.

I guess when it really comes down to it we all just need to take a little time out of our busy lives and work on becoming a little more united as the world would be a much better place if we all were even a little more accepting of differences in color, religion, culture, language, whatever.  Love your brother, Love your enemy just the same.  Hope you all take a little time to think about this subject during your week. Thank you so much for reading this blog and please take a second to leave comments in the bottom section. Until next time. Have a great day!!! -Ian

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Feng Shui Tips


We get a lot of customers in the store asking about Feng Shui. Therefore to help you all out here are  some tips and ways to make Feng Shui work in your life for you.

Feng Shui is an art of using placement of objects and balance of your environment to create balance in your life and surroundings and has been used, especially in the Asian culture for well over 3000 years.  In this system one of the main tools in called the Ba-Gua or Octagon.  It is a powerful system that originated in the i-ching, one of the worlds oldest ways of reading energy patterns.  There are nine sections of the Ba-Gua (eight sides and the center).  The sections are as follows:

Helpful People:  This is in the front right corner of your house or business and the color for this section is grey.  These involve people that help you such as friends, benefactors, and people that choose to help you simply because they can or just want to. You can generate more helpers with a windsock.  A colorful windsock or flag will add to the color and motion of this corner of your house and life.  Visualize people coming to help your cause as you hang the bright colored flag or sock in this area.  Also, hanging a wind chime in this are will put the message out there for you and bring in the helpful people for you.


Career:  This affects your job, workplace, connections through the outside world professionally.  This area is the front center and its color is black.  Place a mirror in your business in this section to draw in money.  By placing healthy green plants in the entrance of your business this will encourage peace and harmony among your employees and all members of the organization.  Hang a crystal ball with a red ribbon in the center to strengthen all parts of the business and boost the health of employees.  Keep doorways free or clutter and debris to stop bad energy from accumulating there and finding its way into your place of work.

Knowledge:  This area is the front left corner and represented by the color blue.  This are is for increasing intelligence and intuition, self esteem, peace, and tranquility.  A bright light in this area of your bedroom will have a great effect of enhancement or intellect and awareness.  As you use this envision bright, useful ideas coming to you.  A wind chime or brass bell in this area can be used as a wake up call for your brain and awaken senses you didn’t even know you had.  Hanging a bamboo flute in this area. Visualize that the flute helps your mind become strengthened and balanced.


Children:  The children area is the middle right side and represented by white.  Improve your children’s feng shui by the placement of the bed they sleep in.  By placing the bed in the family gua of the room it will help immensely.  The worst place that you can put a child’s bed for feng shui is right in front of the path of the doorway as this can make your child feel under attack and unsafe. Be sure to visualize your kids becoming stronger every night when you place their bed for them.  If you can not place the bed in this spot, putting a bright light in this area can be a huge help.  Envision the light brightening your child’s future. It will also help them in communication and creativity. The light does not have to be on all the time for this to work.


Wealth:  The wealth area is in the back left corner of a room or area and the color for this area is purple.  Wealth is a very important part of most peoples lives, whether it is money, love, or knowledge.  It is a section of feng shui that helps people get to the level they want to be and achieve goals in life.  Water is a big universal symbol of wealth and prosperity.  There are two types of water associated with feng shui, moving and still.  Moving water is used to mean flowing money as well as flowing friendships with others that can help you along the way.  This can be like a fountain, a flowing river, or a aquarium with a filter.  The still water are things like ponds, lakes, or pools.  If the water is clear then it symbolizes clear state of mind.  The moving bodies are more wealth stimulators but at the same time if you have a clear pool it can help with calming and have a clear path to the wealth you seek.  Placing a fountain in the money area is a great wealth stimulator.  If you place a fountain outside make sure that the flow of water is always towards the house and never away.

Reputation  and Fame: Fame is represented by the color red and the back center is where is it placed.  Placing a powered item in this section can generate power for you in this area.  Envision the item that is powered is generating positive energy towards your fame.  A sound generator such as a radio, a gong, or a wind chime will work great for you.

Marriage:  The marriage area is in the back right corner and the color for this is pink.    Choose a bedroom behind the mid line of the house.  The further away from the front door that your bedroom is the more calm and peaceful your marriage will be. If you have a bedroom that is near a loud, noisy, or downright annoying neighbor place a mirror on the outside of your bedroom facing the noisy spot and envision all the loudness or annoyance reflecting back where it came from.  The position of your bed should make it able to see as much of your bedroom as possible.  The more of the room you can see, the more ease, expansion, and control you will feel.  Putting pink sheets, blankets, and pillowcases will add love to your marriage as well.

Health:  Health area is in the center and the color for health is yellow. Weight loss can be promoted by wearing a white shirt. The white shirt makes you look larger which may curb your eating.  Enhancing the vitality of your environment can be done simply by making sure that the area that you live in stays clean.  Visualize radiant and glowing health to achieve good health in your life.  Having chimes will also help with your vitality. Green plants and the symbolization of a living thing are great symbols of feng shui.  

Family:  Family area is placed on the middle left side and the colors for family are green/blue.  Family energy can be made in this section by placing a moving mobile.  Hang the mobile on a red ribbon of approximately 9 inches.  Visualize the chi flowing through the family unit as you are hanging the mobile in this area of the home.  Anything with the color green is great for creating harmony and peace, as well as a feeling of growth as a family.  Sound energy is also highly recommended when setting up the feng shui system for the family.  Whether wind chimes or a gong or bell. This is another great way to make this work.  

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Feng Shui with me today. Feel free to leave comments or questions below. Once again thanks so much for checking out this blog!!! -Ian