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Chain of abundance

Happy Tuesday everybody! I am hoping that all of you are safe and sound after the rough weather we had here over the last few days. Getting that snow out of the way to resume our lives isn’t always the easiest. Yesterday my stepson and I were shoveling like madmen and we look up and […]


With Memorial day just passing and in my life that also is an important time of memories as the time of my grandfathers passing. I have had the word memory running through my head non stop and in all of my meditation the message of remember has been right there for me.  When you get that […]

you matter

The idea of change is a very intense thought. Alot of people spend so much time complaiNing but never take the time to adjust anything to make it better. It is such a concept to spend time on. Any time that someone says there life is perfect they are probably not taking the time each […]

wake up call

We did a weight loss hypnosis a few weeks ago in the store. Usually when we do this I get a great big push in mental attitude and health. I feel great and lose weight really quickly. As a week went by I was thinking to myself, “wow, this isn’t working like usual.” I had […]

Path to Positivity

I had a session with lovey over the weekend and it was quite an experience.  I have had a really long month and I was in a really bad place in life as far as stress and emotionally.  I was having trouble getting through the day as of late. I worked a shift during the […]

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