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out of body experiences

Hello everyone, hoping that you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Once again I would like to put a thank you out there to all the soldiers that have lost their lives over the years fighting for the country and freedoms that we are a part of here in the United States of America. Over the […]

Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some […]

Getting tuned in

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer solstice over the weekend.  We had a really busy weekend at the store full of classes and cool new things to learn. Be sure to check out the calender to see all of the upcoming events that we have coming up.   This week my subject […]

Reiki Blog

      Last week at the store we held the final session of the class that Sue teaches about practical Reiki.  After the class was over we had a talk with all the students in the  class and we talked about putting together an interactive blog about our Reiki experiences, how Reiki makes us […]


Hi everyone, so it seems that every time that we do rune readings in the store there are many questions about what are runes, what do they do, how old are they, what kind of reading is this exactly? I’m gonna help everyone get up to speed just a little bit on how the runes […]

Feng Shui Tips

We get a lot of customers in the store asking about Feng Shui. Therefore to help you all out here are  some tips and ways to make Feng Shui work in your life for you. Feng Shui is an art of using placement of objects and balance of your environment to create balance in your […]

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