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Happiness through teamwork

Are  the things you do each day making you happy? If you go to work each day does the job you do put a smile on your face? I was listening to the radio last week and I heard a line from a man being interviewed and it really stuck with me to where every morning when I wake up since then I ask myself. The line was “If you wouldn’t do what you do for a job for free, should you really be doing it?” This is not always an option for everyone, but if it is an option in your life then you should think about it.

It really goes back to things like wishing, dreaming, and manifesting. This life we live is a really short one. I was talking to Melissa last night while watching our son play baseball about the importance of things such as this. I had a great weekend with my kids and lately I have been thinking a lot about quotes that matter to me and lines that I can live by. Another line I saw was “spending time with children is way more important then spending money on children”. What a great way to get our young ones started on the right path, by remembering that love and companionship has no monetary value and the fact that being around people that make you feel good and smile makes you forget all about the stressful things life has to offer us. None of us are broken, the pieces of us being happy are just sometimes scattered and we need to find them and pick them up and put the puzzle back together.

Deep down we all have issues and anger and things that hold us back from our goals and what we hope to feel and be. We have to grab a hammer and shatter the things that do not serve us.  It is not a simple path and it sure is not an easy one but by being a group and a family we can all get there. Do you have fears? Do you have a family or friends in your life that roll thier eyes at you or say things like “what the hell?” when you tell them the beliefs that you have?

Well as another way of getting people together and helping us all to be on the same page and help us be one, I am putting together a new circle that will help you tap into intuition and happiness through working together, talking, helping, and  coming together to overcome our fears. If you are an empath then we will help with that. As a team and friends we will find ways to bring smiles to our faces and bring support to us all that we may not have known was posssible. This is just another way to help us to make this short life better and happier for us all. I hope you will join me next tuesday for the support circle. It will be held on the 2nd and 4th tuesday of every month and admission is just five dollars. It will start at 7 p.m. and run until 8:30 p.m. It is always easier to do things or learn as a group or a team and with people who have your back. Come on out!!!

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Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some of us down and struggling. I am one of those people. I have been trying to find out why I am how I am lately.

Finding out where we came from can sometimes be hard for people because we don’t know vital members of the family that could be the missing puzzle piece that help to tell our story to us. I never got to meet my mother’s mom or my father’s dad. This has always made me wonder. I really would have loved to meet my grandma, I have this strange missing for her even though I never got to meet her. The same thing with my papa on my father’s side.

I really have tried tapping into this all by practicing mediumship. I have sat through seances and talked to readers but those two important relatives never really pop up. My grandpa whom I was very close with is still very close to me. He just passed a few years ago. It is a crazy thought trying to tap into relatives that never met you and trying to introduce yourself to them. I thought should I just meditate and say Hi, I’m your grandson and I never met you but I miss you tons and want to know your side of the story when it comes to family trees and stories and things such as this.

Last year at the Dia de los Muertos celebration that we had at the store was the beginning of me figuring out how to get this rolling. Family alters are a great start to make this all come into fruition for you. You can get pictures of the family members and put them on a table in the house. If there are things that you have from the person put them on the table. If you have stones that you use that help with family trees or making dreams more real this may also help you with tapping into the family roots. The family tree is the key to knowing for so many of us. If there is a book that your family makes or another family member living that knows information about the person you are trying to get in touch with, this may help you as well.

I was given a gift for Valentines day this year of a family tree coin. It is a beautiful coin with two sides. One of the sides is for the fathers side and the other is for the mothers side. I carry the coin in my pocket and also sit it on the nightstand at night while I sleep to help get the family members I wan’t to get in touch with. It helps to have a notebook on hand, much like when trying to remember any other type of dreaming. Citrine and jasper are both great stones if the feelings you have are those of grief. The jasper will help you to put joy into the situation and the citrine will help if there is a negative feeling towards it or a break in the auric field due to the situation. Other pieces that work great for setting up the family alter are things like statuary of a family shield etc..

Doing things like a past life meditation will also help you to tap into the past and see how you started and where you came from. I am not sure if this kind of thing is as important to others as it is to me. However, if it is leave comments below and we can talk back and forth about it. We have nothing without memories and family. Have a great week everybody and thank you for reading the blog. -Ian

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“We have such sights to show you”

I know, I know, I titled the blog after a quote from the 1987 movie “Hellraiser”, however this blog could not be farther from that. I am going to tell you all about some amazing sights that I saw over the weekend while taking an amazing class with Lovey Adamczyk. Have you ever been in a place and you get that feeling that you just know you are supposed to be there but you don’t know why? Well that is where I found myself this weekend. I was seated in the healing room at the store for Lovey’s Basic I.E.T. class for Saturday and Sunday.  I never realized how amazing some of the sights that I would see would be.

On day one we went through the rainbow of angels. Well, I guess that the rainbow would not be the proper way to put it, especially in my head because I know that some people see angels totally by color but not me, I saw way more than I ever had imagined I would see as Saturday went by. All of this really reinstated the fact of just how visual my brain could really be and how amazing the things you can see in a simple meditation can really be.

So we had gotten through a lot of the instruction part of the class and it was time for our first meditation. The first meditation would be with angel Ariel. When Lovey does a session on you she has you draw a card, Ariel has been my card about two thirds of the time so I was familiar with her and ready to go. As we closed our eyes there it was, the calmest, brightest white light I have ever seen in my life. A feeling of peace surrounded me and I felt almost as secure as I ever had. What a great start to the day of meeting my healing angels that I would use for the next 2 days of class.

The next angel that we would be working with was angel Raphael. This was exciting as I am a person that really struggles with a feeling of being alone. Raphael is supposed to be good at working us through situations such as this. Here we went and it was time to lock in to Raphael, out of nowhere I see this huge, beautiful bridge, golden gate style, there was definitely no give to this bridge. It had a green light on the front of it and I heard a message in my hear telling me “Cross it and don’t look back”. Cross I did and I will be definitely enjoying alone time more than I have in the past because of the feeling of security gained from this exercise.

The angel Faith was the next in line for us to work with on this day. Her message much like her name is to have faith and enjoy the freedom that it brings. As we go into meditation with Faith I see a box, it opens and out flies a dragonfly. All of the sudden I get the feeling of being in a forest with huge trees with green bolts of light flowing down on me. The messages “think outside the box” and “share what burdens you”. The messages are just flowing and the sights have been quite amazing to this point.  I am really loving this class and hoping that there is more to come as we get locked into these angels.

Next in line is Gabriel. I have heard many things about Gabriel in the past but never meditated to talk or work with this angel before. He is supposed to give direction and clear the sense of uncertainty and distrust, which are also some things that I struggle with. As I close my eyes, I immediately see a huge tree with its roots very firmly planted in the soil. Then I see a bright yellow sun with some really cool blue eyes. Gabriel then says close your eyes and see this and as I did this in my meditation all of the colors of the chakra wheel, one by one came to me. I am really feeling great after this.

We then met the angel Celestina, she is here to teach us and help us with creative expression and clearing the swallowing of self expression. This was good because I am really working on saying things with soft lips and watching saying things roughly or in a way that they may hurt other people.  As we go into meditation I see the most awesome mountains with huge birds soaring above them. There are bright purple shadows everywhere and in the clouds the word “SOAR” is there. What a cool message this was.

I am at this point telling myself that there is no way that this can keep up with the awesome sights I have been shown today but let’s see anyway as it’s now time to bring in the angel known as Cassiel. This angel teaches unconditional love and relieves us from heartache and feelings of betrayal. As the lights go out and my head draws Cassiel in I see what reminds me of a nun but could be an angel and she kisses me on the forehead. At this point red takes over the sights that I am seeing and A lightning bolt hits the tree from earlier, knocking a branch off of it and I get two more messages from the amazing tree. “It’s alright to be imperfect” and “Don’t look back are both carved into the tree that at this point seems to be my tree of life.

Wow, is really all I can think and then I look to the wall which has beautiful pictures of each angel we will work with and see that there are still 3 to go. Daniel is next up and Lovey really likes him because he is almost like a bodyguard when doing integrated energy therapy. He teaches forgiveness and helps clear self judgement as well as that coming from other people. It is now time to go back into meditation and I am on a huge ship  with the most beautiful, blue sails. This is the calmest water I have ever been around and felt. As I look up on the blue sails on the ship the words “Call on me and all will be smooth sailing”. are written in huge, bold writing. The ship is just gliding across the amazing, blue body of water. I was really given the feeling of being a pirate of positivity after working with Daniel.

Sarah was on deck and coming in next. Her healing gift was empowerment and is here to help clear us from feelings of powerlessness caused by ourselves or others. During this meditation I look up and am in the middle of a really long hallway. Much like time when in meditation, this hall goes very quickly as you go step by step. I have been in many meditations lastly not more than 3o minutes and feel like I have been in for hours. I look at the wall at the end of the hall and there is a banner hanging on the wall that stated: “The hardest of goals are easily achieved by stepping one foot at a time”. This reminded me to not rush to conclusions or let little things ruin my mood. Take one step at a time whether walking into positivity or away from negativity.

Last but definitely not least is the big bopper, the one that everybody knows and loves. We would be working with Michael. He is the protector and helps us clear fear. He is here to keep us on track to finding our mission in this short period of time called life. I got a little excited because good things usually come to me while working with Michael. Eyes closed, time to count down and get some Michael time. When I think of Michael, I always think of Michael Carpenter from the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. Michael is a knight of the cross and a huge man, he carries a giant sword, he stands for light. He is like a human version of the angel Michael. The Michael meditation begins with a flashback from my childhood at about age 3 or 4. I see myself hopping up and down on my red rocking horse, I am sitting on my fathers lap watching He-Man and Smurfs cartoons on a Saturday morning. I am my little self playing with my dads guitar and listening to the smooth sounds of the band Devo telling me to “Whip It”. All of the sudden I see the Archangel Michael standing before me with arms wide open with flames around him. The flames change from chakra color to chakra color. Perfect vibrations are going around the flames and all is well in the world with my visions of childhood and the best times of my life. Sometimes all you need to do is put yourself in that happy place in order to feel that sense of protection that can not be found anywhere else. Amazing! That is the only way to describe this.

This day of learning got me going like no other day of learning in quite a long time. I highly recommend working with Lovey. I can not guarantee that the results that I have felt, the experiences that I have described will happen for you. My hope for you is that what I have just told you about is only the tip of the iceberg for you. I am a visual person and the sights I have seen were amazing. If you want to talk more about my weekend or have questions about this class leave a comment below. You can sign up and learn more about Lovey by checking out

Once again thank you so much for spending a few minutes of your time checking out the blog! -Ian

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Chain of abundance

Happy Tuesday everybody!

I am hoping that all of you are safe and sound after the rough weather we had here over the last few days. Getting that snow out of the way to resume our lives isn’t always the easiest. Yesterday my stepson and I were shoveling like madmen and we look up and our neighbor comes over with his turbo powered snowblower and does half our drive for us. This goes back to what we have been talking about in the blog. People helping other people. I am very thankful for our neighbor coming over and doing this as it was a huge help.

The last few days on facebook there has been a huge push for us all to post and pass the word about each others pages. This has been huge as we are all helping each other out and checking out what we all have to offer and do in this world. Help, help, help!

This gives a huge shot of abundance to each person that does something like this. It is easy to get caught up in a world of I want to be the best. Well I have always heard my friend Hank say that there is more than enough for all of us in this world. I’ll be the first to say that until lately I highly had my doubts about that kind of saying. As of late my doubts have disappeared and I have the utmost confidence that the quote that Hank loves to remind us is one hundred percent the truth. You can read more about Hank at

When you put something out to the universe make sure that it is always with positivity and love in it and if there is something that you want or need make sure that you think about what you can do to help someone else’s day go by smoother or what you can do to use what you want to help others.

The chain just keeps growing and we are all going to be blessed with amazing abundance because we believe in each other and ourselves. Let’s get this circle going and see that greatness that it brings to the world. Our time is coming because we are all a team, deep down this belief is going to make this world a place that can not be stopped. Positivity, Love, and Helping others will conquer all!

Have a great week and I hope to see you at circle tonight. We also have some great classes this weekend so be sure to check those out! Thanks for reading the blog! -Ian

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you matter

The idea of change is a very intense thought. Alot of people spend so much time complaiNing but never take the time to adjust anything to make it better. It is such a concept to spend time on. Any time that someone says there life is perfect they are probably not taking the time each day to reflect what is going on around them. I myself am spending each day to reflect on my faults while trying not to let them eat me alive. I do however have those days where I let it all eat me up and I waste a day I should be using for reflection and positivity by being depressed and moping. It isn’t to say you can’t take time to cry or be sad or whatever. It is just a situation where you really have to take a time where you don’t rely on others, you don’t worry about what people think about you, who cares. You really have to live your life as one of the role models in what I call my “new better me” life. He calls it a “you matter life”. Many times I sit and bum out. I really understand that I need to enjoy me, I am great, you are great, we are all great, and once we all realize this, just think of the level of consciousness that we can all get to. Keep being awesome, help others, take the time every day to not even worry about others. Be U 1st. Remember you live in a “you matter world”.- Ian

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finding the warrior in you

I know that the world of professional wrestling and this blog have very little to do with one another, however this weeks blog will intertwine with that world just a little bit.  Two weeks ago one of my heroes as a child, I have been a wrestling fan since age 3, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 54. Over the weekend before his passing he had relived his life and showed appreciation towards his wife and children and repeated over and over how much they meant to him and how he loved them. This all hit me like a ton of bricks and really got me emotional. He gave this amazing speech which here is a part of..”Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life what makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized. By the story tellers, by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him and make the running the man did live forever.” That is just a part of the speech that he gave just one night before his untimely passing of a heart attack. As I read that I have to tell myself that he had some sort of inkling that his days were numbered and that he had to get all he could out in those final days. As I have pondered over this I ask myself when the end comes will these emotions overtake me and will I know?  I have always feared death and obviously this man which was one of my heroes as a young boy did not. I know that I have to make the best out of each day. I have spent many moments of my 34 years moping and not  enjoying the brightness that this life has to offer me.  It is a pretty simple concept, arrive, live, and die. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids in my life. I need to spend much more time being an inspiration and stop being someone that is at times unbearable to be around. I have some great things to offer and I don’t embrace them. As I spent the afternoon in my yard with my wife yesterday doing landscaping and enjoying the wonders of what this earth has to offer I really thought to myself that I need to find my inner warrior and roll with it. Life is too short not to be lived. When the end rolls in and the days are numbered I want to say that I did all I could to make that bright light that we see from the sun. Thank you so much for reading the blog and letting me express this all. Have a great day and warrior on:) Ian

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It was great seeing everyone over the really busy weekend that we just got done with at the store.  As we were sitting in our third class at the store in three days an idea for the blog this week really popped into my head. The idea was how amazing it is that we are all given gifts and that they are all so amazing when it comes to helping others.

Another thing that had come to mind was what if your intuition doesn’t give you a way or a calling out loud and you have to find your gift or divination tool all on your own because it doesn’t just come natural to you like it does for some people.  Friday night we held a runes class with Rian, he talked in depth on different spreads of the runes and his personal story of how for the last nineteen years he has always kind of fought with the idea of doing what spirit had told him to.  Saturday we had Michelle Belanger, an author who is also known for being on the television show Paranormal State. She gave one of the coolest talks about the art of dream walking. This talk surely taught everything you would ever want to know about the dream realm and dreaming in general.  Sunday morning had arrived and as I drove to pick up my son, as we were holding one of the first ever kids classes in the store with J:D, my mind began to wander and I had all these thoughts of what we would be learning and who would be getting new gifts today from taking the class with our friend J:D.

It was now time for the class and J:D began teaching our sons the art of spirit drawing and in usual ten year old fashion my son made joke after joke and wanted more to play then be serious about the class.  My stepson was in awe of the teachings and you could really tell that this was maybe something that is a gift for him and he may use in the future to help himself or others.  The thought that one got it and one didn’t never came to mind though because you never know when something that you learn or have in the huge memory banks that we call the human mind will awaken and go to work for us.  Later on that day it had become time to take the adult version of the class.  We had already taken this class before but I never pass up the chance to take a class, even if taken before, because you never know when you might have missed something or what new lessons you may have learned. Much like the runes class on Friday, where as much as I love the runes, I lack confidence in my abilities to use them. I had actually ended up helping Rian teach some of the lessons to the new students in the class.  This was a bit of a confidence builder for a person that usually struggles to find that confidence in my every day life.  Back to the spirit drawing class. I will say that this is one divination tool that I really enjoy and even though I don’t give myself credit others have told me that they like the drawings I do.  My wife had missed this class the first time that it happened in the store due to having to pick up one of our sons from airport.  As she sat next to me and did her drawings sure enough down the sides of them were almost automatic writing type shapes. She has always had an interest in this tool but almost seems to struggle with the idea of getting it to work. As a matter of fact this may be the only thing I have ever seen her struggle with as she is one of the strongest people and owner of one of the strongest wills to fight for something that she believes in that you will ever meet.  I have watched her study the drawings the last two days and I really feel they are going to awaken her gifts.

I guess what I am trying to get at is you never know where or when you are going to be treated with gifts but we must keep our eyes open. A quote that I really enjoy saying is “Don’t blink your eyes, you never know what you can miss in the blink of an eye.” As my children grow and grow each day I have really started to realize and my wife and I had a long talk on Sunday night about where I am in my life and my path and how many days I am a hypocrite to what I try walking.  I am really going to start each day out opening my eyes a little wider and realizing just being here is gift enough, having a beautiful wife and my sons puts it on a whole other level. The fact that we are all given gifts and tools to use to help others makes me really realize that I need to keep myself in check each day and make sure I don’t wake up feeling sorry for myself as others are hard up and I could be helping them.  I am really sorry if I seem to ramble this week but I really felt this blog needed to be written and I am thankful if even one person reads it. Once again thank you for checking out the blog and feel free to comment below. -Ian

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Free Will and Self Reflection


“When you look in the mirror each morning is who you see the who you want to be?”

While what others think about you and how others feel about you may seem obviously important, it is important first to ask yourself how you feel and what you want and need to become the person that makes you happy.  Many times in life we wander around trying to make everyone happy and never once in our lives do we care about making ourselves happy.  At the end of the day does making others happy and worrying about how everyone else feels and not bothering to fulfill ourselves to happiness once in awhile really get out of life what we need to try and get out of it.  Are we really serving a higher being if we aren’t taking care of ourselves emotionally and mentally?

These are questions that I have really started to ponder as I walk through my personal life lately.  I’m sure that we have all had these eye opening moments in life where we work so hard to make others happy that we are making ourselves miserable inside because the other people through there own free will have already taken care of many of the things that you are trying to take care of and don’t need you to do them for them.  We all have a plan for us on this short time on earth.  

We need to make sure that while we are spending our time here that we are not stepping in the way of another persons free will and what they are trying to accomplish.  We may feel that we are just trying to help but we really may be hindering someone else’s experience here. We have to let everyone live the way that they want to and at the end of the day the only truly controllable person in your life is you. So by being a good example for a younger generation we still need to let them choose their own paths in this lifespan. Keep our eyes open and open others eyes through the actions that we do but not forcing those actions toward another person.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. I guess what I have spinning in my head is that you have to make you happy for others to be happy around you and controlling our actions and how we interact with others has a huge impact on how people look at us. So while you do have free will and the right to do what you want just remember that someone else may use their own free will to stay away from you or not want to be around you. 

In the end I guess it goes back to last weeks blog while we do have free will are we all really using it to make the world a better place or are we selfish or do we try influencing others free will on a daily basis and keep ourselves from truly being happy and advancing towards the goal of helping others and being a shining light in this world that we live in??  We all have the power to make ourselves happy every day, are we doing that first??   Think about it………


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runes a

Hi everyone, so it seems that every time that we do rune readings in the store there are many questions about what are runes, what do they do, how old are they, what kind of reading is this exactly? I’m gonna help everyone get up to speed just a little bit on how the runes work and where they came from today.

The runes are not a form of fortune telling. When using runes they are very much used for giving your inner self the knowledge of what path you need to take and how to get there on something that you are dealing with right now in your life. The word rune actually means secret or whisper. This has a lot of meaning as far as a rune reading because many times when being given the reading the answers to questions that you have inside will almost be whispered to you as the reading is taking place.

The Old Germanic Runic alphabet or “Elder Futhark” contains 24 runes. The first six runes of the alphabet spell out the word “FUTHARK”. As the runes spread northwards into Scandinavia, some rune symbols were dropped and the alphabet was reduced to only 16 runes. Between 400 and 600 AD, three Germanic tribes, the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, invaded Britain. They brought the runes with them. The forms of several of the runes changed, notably the runes for A/O, C/K, H, J, S, and Ng. Also, changes in the language led to nine runes being added to the alphabet to compensate for the extra sounds, and several runes were given different corresponding letters. This alphabet, expanded to 33 symbols, has become known as the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. The rune names themselves have been passed down relatively intact. Although no manuscript exists listing the names of the older, Germanic runes, the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian rune poems agree to such an extent that their common origin can be deduced.

There are many countries that have used runic alphabets in one form or another. Some of these include Roman, Arabic, Scandanavian, Celtic, Ethrustcic, Latin, and many more.  This is one of the oldest forms of  divination.  The runes are older than the new testament. They have not been a main form of communication in over 400 years however when they were last used in Iceland.

Odin is the main divinity of the patheon of norse gods. His name comes from the Old Norse for “wind and spirit” .  His passion was his transformation and sacrifice of himself and this brought the runes to mankind.  According to legend Odin hung un Yggdrasil, the tree of the world for nine nights, wounded by his own blade, he went without food and water, he was alone until before he  fell he saw the runes and in one effort he grabbed them.  There was a fire and this was the light in which we see nature now.

THE MOTTO FOR THE RUNES IS KNOW THYSELF.  The runes will help you see your inner self and give you incite on choices you need to make.  When picking out a set of runes make sure that you feel that call when you see them or work with them.  You will also need a cloth to lay them out on and a pouch made of something soft to put them in.  I use hematite as they also keep me grounded while I am doing a reading. Mine were bought for me as a gift but they definitely call to me and I am happy that I was given this set.  I also recommend making your own set of runes as what better way to make a divination tool that teaches such a motto is by making them yourself!!

Some books that I  recommend are The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Bloom. This is actually the book that the stores Rune reader Rian Dean is seen carrying any time that he does readings.  This is a great little book that tells you just about anything that you ever wanted to know about the runes. It tells you all the meanings, some great poems, the entire story of Odin. Really good little book! Another recommendation to help you with the learning of the runes is The Runic Workbook by Tony Willis. This book I highly recommend if you like to learn things in a classroom type setting.  It teaches you some cool layouts for your runes and also hits on all the stories and gives you a great understanding of the runes.

Thanks once again for checking out the blog.   If you are interested in a rune reading give Melissa a call at the store. Rian does rune readings every Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 7. He also does them at our monthly Psychic Faire on the last Sunday of every month,

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This weeks topic is one that has always intrigued me. It is one that has baffled me and made me a shaky little baby at times. This topic is one that every day of my life I work and work to get better at to make myself stronger. Today I will be writing about overcoming fears and how I have begun to move forward and overcome some of my biggest fears.  From Death to aliens in the sky I have been full of fear for as long as I can remember. Some people fear clowns, others are scared to talk in front of people, we all have fears.   The first thing you have to do when overcoming fear is to realize why you have these fears and why you hold onto them.  We all have fears, the difference between people is the desire to overcome the fears and the want to get rid of or conquer them.  The fear over time becomes a big part of who you are if you don’t move past it.  Sometimes it as simple as asking yourself are there any things that you are doing in life right now that are contributing to your fears.  I have always wanted to escape my fears but I never really took the time to seek ways to do so.  I had a fear of death that when I was a child would keep me wide awake many nights.  As I grew older I blocked out this fear but never conquered it.  As I began my early 30’s I began to put a lot of thought back into it and it scared me to tears once again.  At that point I decided that I would not let this fear get the best of me anymore.  I spent time meditating and thinking of positive things and I began to realize that death is a part of life so without death I would not have my life that I hold so dear. I wouldn’t have my wife or my children or any of the other things that are so important to me.  I have also done a few past life regressions which are a really good way to dig up things that may have haunted you into this lifetime and make you feel the way that you do about things.  I realized that I was killed at a young age in one past life.  This was a part of why I feared death in my opinion.  I communicate with my grandfather who passed away last year and I know that he is in a better place. This also helped me overcome this fear.  I now know when my time comes it is meant to be and all will be fine. There is no controlling it and therefore there is no reason to fear it.  My other fear is a silly one for some but for me made it to where the nights that I didn’t stay awake because of fearing death, I was awake fearing aliens. I would stand in the hallway to the wee hours of the night.  Those dog gone things scared me so bad and even until just recently I didn’t feel comfortable when Melissa would even mention them to me.  I once again had a past life meditation a few weeks back and sure enough there was the alien being not so nice and I guess that is where that one came from.  I still can’t believe it myself. I chased the alien all over the earth on horseback, it was such a neat and real past life. I would definitely recommend this form of overcoming fears as it has worked wonders for me .  Fear is also a necessary thing as well though. I’m sure we all fear losing our families or pets. This just means we care.  Praying is another way that many people overcome fear. Whether praying to gods, ancestors, or spirit guides this is another way of getting it out there and sharing with others who are more than willing to help you.  It is great  how the power of  positivity or reading a book about your fears can help you squash them. A lot of times even something as simple as sitting with friends or your spouse and letting them out on the table and talking to others can help you.  We did a support circle at the store and the help I got and have seen others get from just talking it out is amazing.  Find someone else who has had the same fears as you and find out how they have overcome the fears.  You can’t always hold things in, release is a great way to overcome fears or become better at things that you have struggled with in life.  It is a little like the old adage about practice makes perfect, well if we practice not being afraid at some point that fear will subside.  Overcoming fear is not an overnight fixer. There are many ways to achieve it and we all have to find a way that we can do so.  Remember to breathe, take our time, and don’t be scared to walk down different paths then you have in the past to overcome fear.  We can all do it!! I hope that this blog has helped someone today.  Please feel free to comment on ways you have overcome your fears in the comment section of the blog as I would love to hear some of them as I still am a work in progress on this subject. I’m sure others would also love to hear how you have overcome!! Thanks for reading this blog. -Ian