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Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some […]

Chain of abundance

Happy Tuesday everybody! I am hoping that all of you are safe and sound after the rough weather we had here over the last few days. Getting that snow out of the way to resume our lives isn’t always the easiest. Yesterday my stepson and I were shoveling like madmen and we look up and […]

Importance of support

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping that you all had a great holiday season and a great new year. This week the blog is going to be about our support system. When a lot of people think about the support system that keeps us going they think about things like food, water, and things like that. Over […]


Valentines day is upon us. I know a lot of us never go any further than making sure that we buy our wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend those flowers and chocolates or nice jewelry. That is usually the extent of how much thought that I put into this holiday but I have spent the day […]


It was great seeing everyone over the really busy weekend that we just got done with at the store.  As we were sitting in our third class at the store in three days an idea for the blog this week really popped into my head. The idea was how amazing it is that we are […]

Christmas melting pot

This week’s blog topic is one that Melissa and I talked about last night after seeing a post on Facebook. The fact that it’s the holiday season and so many times people get offended or hurt feelings because they feel like the belief system that they have is right and if someone else doesn’t believe […]

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