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out of body experiences

Hello everyone, hoping that you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. Once again I would like to put a thank you out there to all the soldiers that have lost their lives over the years fighting for the country and freedoms that we are a part of here in the United States of America. Over the […]

Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some […]


As thanksgiving has arrived once again, the thoughts of another year full of new friends and new learning’s has come and gone. It is unbelievable the amount of knowledge and family love that can be shown in just one years time. How many of us just go through our daily life and never take the […]


Manifesting is quite a powerful thing. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing so when manifesting and then all of the sudden something happens and we are like, “whoa, how did that happen?”  Upon further re-inspection we think back and realize that the thought of what just happened had been reoccurring in our head […]

Holding onto things best thrown away.

Letting go of things that have wronged or hurt us is never an easy thing. Everyone experiences guilt at one time or another during their life. While some guilt can induce positive change, it can also become self-destructive, wasting energy and adding stress to your life. The feelings of knowing that you wronged somebody or something […]

Finding Esteem in ourselves

“You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”-Buddha Self esteem is a term that is used in psychology to reflect a persons overall feeling of worth in themselves.  This is one of the biggest fights of my life and I know it is one that many other people […]


Hey guys, So this week I wanted to discuss meditation and what we get out of it, what we do with it, and maybe get the interaction going by asking what you all get out of it and how it works for others.  I have been deep in a thought of awe since Saturday night […]

power of words

This weeks blog is going to be about how important it is to watch your words because they really have power to them.   We don’t always think this way but your words can make someone smile, they can make someone cry, they can make you look smart, they can make you sound dumb. Your […]

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