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Remembering Family

Hey guys, I’m just here looking out the kitchen window and enjoying the fact that all the snow is gone from the ground here in our little town. Even though it is still super cold, the illusion that winter has ended is enough to cheer me up. Winter is a time that really gets some […]


I know that we have written a lot about yoga and working out and all that jazz in the last month, I swear that there will be a new topic next week. I think that this one is not just more of the same but a lesson in teaching our children and showing them the […]


It was great seeing everyone over the really busy weekend that we just got done with at the store.  As we were sitting in our third class at the store in three days an idea for the blog this week really popped into my head. The idea was how amazing it is that we are […]

Raising children in the new age

    Welcome to another blog. This weeks discussion is one that we have in our house a lot. Living the new age or metaphysical lifestyle is really neat and positive way of living. How do you teach your kids to live this life and show them that the negative perspective of some people when […]

Reiki Blog

      Last week at the store we held the final session of the class that Sue teaches about practical Reiki.  After the class was over we had a talk with all the students in the  class and we talked about putting together an interactive blog about our Reiki experiences, how Reiki makes us […]

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