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The Green Witch Tarot Review

The Green Witch Tarot (critique):  The artwork of this deck has no borders.  The depictions are made up of warm and vibrant earth tones.  Rich in symbolism and reminiscent in the artwork of the period they depict.  The paintings are quite linear and simple as those of earlier times.  Look more than once for the more you look the more you see.
This was looked at with help from my wife Joanne (a watercolor artist herself).  We find this deck quite picturesque depicting its time of nature based divination created with complete comprehension of said author.  Give artist Kirk Ostergard Leonard her due.
This tarot deck is well thought out and . Would be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection like mine.  This deck also lends itself to be easily read even with the renaming of the trumps.
The deck is based upon nature, earth magic, the elements, and the power of the goddess and God in their many aspects.  It includes fairies, spirits, and entities of the earth, other world, and underworld.
The cards hail from Green Witchcraft which draws upon the seasons, Sabbats,  faire love, herbs, plants, animals, and the bounty of nature itself.
Ann Moura based this deck on her own practice as a green witch.  She hails from Florida were she owns her own metaphysical shop were she writes and teaches.
A welcome addition to my collection so don’t be surprised to find this as one of your choices for a reading from me. At Goddess Elite.  I am very pleased with my new find.  You can find this deck among many at Goddess Elite as well as many readers.

     Untill then Blessed Be and remember Harm none and do as you will

DON Schilk,  intuitive reader and collector hailing at Goddess Elite

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