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Manifesting is quite a powerful thing. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing so when manifesting and then all of the sudden something happens and we are like, “whoa, how did that happen?”  Upon further re-inspection we think back and realize that the thought of what just happened had been reoccurring in our head or our meditation for months, weeks, or who knows, maybe even years.

A friend of the store put out a huge manifestation at his former employer and even walked around with a written notice in his pocket daily because he no longer wished to work in the place that he was working. Day after day he continued working in this place of employment and day after day he didn’t want to be there. One day he walked into work and they told him that the entire place would be shutting down. Just by writing a little note and carrying it in his pocket he had in some shape or form shut her down.

We often don’t think about situations like this coming to fruition but they do. Have you ever wished for the weather to break, have you ever asked for work or school to be cancelled because of the weather? These are all forms of manifesting and we all do it everyday. Much like the story of watch your words that we talked about quite a few blogs ago, watch what  you manifest because you just might get it. I began manifesting the end of my employment at a job that I had spent the better part of the last 12 years at and boom in October I found myself done working there. I, however, didn’t do my manifesting all the way. As I had wished away the job that I hated and did not want to be involved in any more, I failed to put into my thoughts and prayers what I wanted to do afterward. I have spent my time since then asking for things and trying to work into my perfect situation. I don’t know that I’ll find the perfect situation but I’ll find one much more suitable to mine and my families needs by doing things the right way.

Do you have any situations in which you have used manifestation to make things happen? Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a message in the boxes below the  blog. We will respond. Try staying warm and we hope to see you all soon!!



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  1. I, too, have often scared, started, and surprised myself by my manifestations! I bought a house, got ” lots a money”, climbed the ladder a little, so many things! It is real, now isn’t it? Thanks, Ian

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