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Importance of support

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping that you all had a great holiday season and a great new year.

This week the blog is going to be about our support system. When a lot of people think about the support system that keeps us going they think about things like food, water, and things like that. Over the weekend I noticed something really cool going on and I am hoping that it is a sign of things to come in the year 2015. I remember when I was a little kid my nanna watched a show called Golden Girls. The only thing I remember about that show is the theme song which the chorus sang “Thank you for being a friend”.

All weekend I have had that line going through my head and realized the importance of that train of thought. There are people that you might not see more than once a month, maybe even some that you only see once a year or so. Do you really think about the importance of your friends and family. Maybe even the pets living in your home are a part of your support system.

Each day is a gift in this lifetime and it is very important to make sure that we thank those around us each day for the help that they give us to just get through the day. When things are rough and even when the good comes and they can help us celebrate our success that we have in life. It really puts a smile on my face when I think of the fact that someone would think enough of me to lean on me or come talk to me in a time of need. Things like these are really easy to overlook.

I looked on facebook and saw people in my feed stating thank you to each other and showing appreciation to each other for friendship and helping people out. That was really cool as most of the time you just see negativity and people destroying each other with words. Things like pay it forward are also amazing. Helping people that you don’t even know. Anytime  that we can help someone else is another sunny day in the world, especially when we are not asked to do so and we just step up and do it.

I guess the message that I have this week is to appreciate the gifts we are given every day. Don’t forget to thank those around us for being our support system and getting us through a rough day. Even if it is just the cat in your house purring and helping you to calm down during a rough period, the importance of the support system is endless. If you are helping others get through rough times don’t ever look at it as a chore, it is a gift to you from that person that they are leaning on you or sharing the fact that they need someone to talk to about what is going on in their lives.

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope to see you all soon, even if it is just to stop in and say hi!

Ian 🙂


3 thoughts on “Importance of support

  1. Especially when we are all trying to raise our vibrations and become more enlightened humans! Thanks Ian & Melissa!!

  2. Thank You Ian! You need a like button on here. I think it is hard to concentrate on the people/pets we live with often I feel like we’re just background noise in each others home. I recently purchased a bracelet with the words “Cherish” due to this fact- I want to cherish my partner, cherish my children, and cherish my pets! Every time I see them, hear them, and hold them-for me this is easier said then done because I am always thinking about other things I have to do.Your Nana was a good Friend and thats an awesome show! Friends need cherished too, and my favorite friends are the ones I don’t see for years and pick-up with like I just saw them yesterday- Those are timeless friends.

  3. Thank you for reading the blog. It really is an important message and Im glad that other people realize the importance of it:)

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