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Christmas melting pot

This week’s blog topic is one that Melissa and I talked about last night after seeing a post on Facebook. The fact that it’s the holiday season and so many times people get offended or hurt feelings because they feel like the belief system that they have is right and if someone else doesn’t believe exactly how they do it makes that person wrong. In reality all the holiday beliefs and rituals kinda piece together like a puzzle and just for example Christmas is a smattering of all kinds of religions and ways of life in so many different cultures and religions.

It all goes back to a blog that I wrote a little while back about coexisting and working together to make the world an easier place to live in and work together in.

Some of the examples that the post listed that were really interesting that got us thinking were:

Yule, the Scandinavian fertility god brought the tradition of carols and greetings. Wiccans began the tradition of hanging wreaths and decking holly around your home. Druids came up with hanging mistletoe for kissing underneath.  The god Saturn began the tradition of decoration of a tree in your home.  Thor, Odin, and st. Nicholas started the tradition of bringing gifts to friends and family at night.  Sleipner, the eight legged horse of Odin, was the inspiration for the hooves pitter pattering on your roof top.  Mithras was the start of the tradition of the suns rebirth on December 25th, and of course we later renamed the holiday for Jesus the Christ by calling it Christ’s mass or Christmas. All holidays are kinda like this if you piece them together. So once again when you celebrate with your friends and family this holiday season think about how many different cultures are really involved in how all the traditions have come together. It is really awesome! Once again thanks for reading the blog and have a great week. -Ian

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