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Crop circles

I was reading through the news last night when I got in from working and I saw this story about crop circles being made in California. This crop circle wasn’t made by ET’s or anything from space. This one was a marketing ploy by a company for marketing. It is crazy how much attention that this publicity stunt got before being outed by a company that makes a mobile processor used in automobiles.  

Over the years there have been lots of crop circles all over the world. Just like ghosts or hauntings, many of the crop circles across the world have been debunked. There are also a huge amount of them, mostly over in Europe that have not been explained. One of the most famous crop designs over in England way back in 1678 was called “mowing legend”. The way that this one came about was a man had a huge field and he said he would rather pay the devil himself than pay the fee demanded to cut his field.  This one is not technically a crop circle because the crops were actually cut in the shape of the devil cutting his field.  Crop circles are known for the crops laying down in the shape of the design, many times a lot of circles are in the design.  

The real crop circles began to pop up in the 1970’s. Most of them were really simple circular designs all over the England countryside.  They had multiplied significantly in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They are truly one of those things that are really there. You can tell someone that there house is haunted, you can tell someone that you can see an aura, but if they choose not to believe you and they can’t also see it then you may not be able to prove it.  The crop circles are right there for everyone to see. The most common solution to how they got there too many times is humans doing it.  

The extra-terrestrials may not be trying to communicate with us through crop circles or maybe they are. We all need to keep our eyes to the skies because there really is so much in space there really has to be someone or some other being out there. There intelligence can really help us to heal our planet.  I can’t believe I spent so much of my life scared of these “aliens”. It is such an interesting thing to study and the pictures of the crop circles are so beautiful. I just thought this was a cool subject to talk about this week, especially with Ernesto getting ready to have another class with the Pleasidian Sirian Alliance. His first class was great and a huge help to me. Come check out this class and all other classes we have going on.  Have a great week and stay warm and safe!!


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  1. That was interesting and well said. I am not afraid anymore either. Some of those crop circles are incredible. It doesn’t bother me that some are faked. Even if only one was authentic how cool is that? I am sure that many more than one are the real thing.

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