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Fairie blog

This weeks topic is going to be fairies and the fairy realm and ways to get fairies to enter your space. 

Fairies aren’t always the cute little things that Disney portays them to be.  They can look lots of ways and have lots of different colors, shapes, and ways of acting. A lot of times they can be mischievous. Just for example in the store we have had them turn on the music, knock things off of shelves, hide things, and many other things like this.

Some ways of attracting fairies are by hanging candies, a good type of candy to use are colored life savers. You can hang them on a string or sit them in a dish. You can also leave shiny coins laying around as they are big fans of the shiny things. We keep shiny copper pennies on the floor in the store for the fairies, in case you have ever been in the store and wondered why those are on the floor now you know. Another really neat tool for attracting the beings from the fairie realm are silver bells. They love the sound and this will attract them. 

There are many types of fairies. There are gnomes, flying ones, fun ones, and mischievous ones. You can hang little fairies in the bushes of your yard as another way to attract the little things. Different oils burning can also be used. Seeing fairies is much like seeing angels or spirits. Some can see them and some can’t. 

There are many ways to attract them and bring them to you. Keep track of things that work because sometimes they will expect you to continue these, such as playing music when you aren’t home as one example. Feel free to leave stories of your fairies in the comment below. We would love to hear your stories. Thank you so much for your continued business and reading the blog!


3 thoughts on “Fairie blog

  1. Soo interesting Ian! I’ve learned a lot about faeries, but this is extra good!

  2. I was finding pennies for awhile, but NOW I’m finding random shiny things, like stray earrings in weird places, shiny random like things that go on lamps or something like that. I even found a blue marble months ago as I was walking into a Kentucky Derby party to bet on the horses! Guess who won the biggest payoff?? The horse’s name was Orb. Yeah that’s right. Orb. Now who knows who is going to win the horse races?? The Faeries!! Did I play Orb? Yes, I did!

  3. This is such a fun topic. I love when we have them in our house and they are poking or running down Melissa’s arm. That orb story is awesome! 🙂

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