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Feng Shui Tips


We get a lot of customers in the store asking about Feng Shui. Therefore to help you all out here are  some tips and ways to make Feng Shui work in your life for you.

Feng Shui is an art of using placement of objects and balance of your environment to create balance in your life and surroundings and has been used, especially in the Asian culture for well over 3000 years.  In this system one of the main tools in called the Ba-Gua or Octagon.  It is a powerful system that originated in the i-ching, one of the worlds oldest ways of reading energy patterns.  There are nine sections of the Ba-Gua (eight sides and the center).  The sections are as follows:

Helpful People:  This is in the front right corner of your house or business and the color for this section is grey.  These involve people that help you such as friends, benefactors, and people that choose to help you simply because they can or just want to. You can generate more helpers with a windsock.  A colorful windsock or flag will add to the color and motion of this corner of your house and life.  Visualize people coming to help your cause as you hang the bright colored flag or sock in this area.  Also, hanging a wind chime in this are will put the message out there for you and bring in the helpful people for you.


Career:  This affects your job, workplace, connections through the outside world professionally.  This area is the front center and its color is black.  Place a mirror in your business in this section to draw in money.  By placing healthy green plants in the entrance of your business this will encourage peace and harmony among your employees and all members of the organization.  Hang a crystal ball with a red ribbon in the center to strengthen all parts of the business and boost the health of employees.  Keep doorways free or clutter and debris to stop bad energy from accumulating there and finding its way into your place of work.

Knowledge:  This area is the front left corner and represented by the color blue.  This are is for increasing intelligence and intuition, self esteem, peace, and tranquility.  A bright light in this area of your bedroom will have a great effect of enhancement or intellect and awareness.  As you use this envision bright, useful ideas coming to you.  A wind chime or brass bell in this area can be used as a wake up call for your brain and awaken senses you didn’t even know you had.  Hanging a bamboo flute in this area. Visualize that the flute helps your mind become strengthened and balanced.


Children:  The children area is the middle right side and represented by white.  Improve your children’s feng shui by the placement of the bed they sleep in.  By placing the bed in the family gua of the room it will help immensely.  The worst place that you can put a child’s bed for feng shui is right in front of the path of the doorway as this can make your child feel under attack and unsafe. Be sure to visualize your kids becoming stronger every night when you place their bed for them.  If you can not place the bed in this spot, putting a bright light in this area can be a huge help.  Envision the light brightening your child’s future. It will also help them in communication and creativity. The light does not have to be on all the time for this to work.


Wealth:  The wealth area is in the back left corner of a room or area and the color for this area is purple.  Wealth is a very important part of most peoples lives, whether it is money, love, or knowledge.  It is a section of feng shui that helps people get to the level they want to be and achieve goals in life.  Water is a big universal symbol of wealth and prosperity.  There are two types of water associated with feng shui, moving and still.  Moving water is used to mean flowing money as well as flowing friendships with others that can help you along the way.  This can be like a fountain, a flowing river, or a aquarium with a filter.  The still water are things like ponds, lakes, or pools.  If the water is clear then it symbolizes clear state of mind.  The moving bodies are more wealth stimulators but at the same time if you have a clear pool it can help with calming and have a clear path to the wealth you seek.  Placing a fountain in the money area is a great wealth stimulator.  If you place a fountain outside make sure that the flow of water is always towards the house and never away.

Reputation  and Fame: Fame is represented by the color red and the back center is where is it placed.  Placing a powered item in this section can generate power for you in this area.  Envision the item that is powered is generating positive energy towards your fame.  A sound generator such as a radio, a gong, or a wind chime will work great for you.

Marriage:  The marriage area is in the back right corner and the color for this is pink.    Choose a bedroom behind the mid line of the house.  The further away from the front door that your bedroom is the more calm and peaceful your marriage will be. If you have a bedroom that is near a loud, noisy, or downright annoying neighbor place a mirror on the outside of your bedroom facing the noisy spot and envision all the loudness or annoyance reflecting back where it came from.  The position of your bed should make it able to see as much of your bedroom as possible.  The more of the room you can see, the more ease, expansion, and control you will feel.  Putting pink sheets, blankets, and pillowcases will add love to your marriage as well.

Health:  Health area is in the center and the color for health is yellow. Weight loss can be promoted by wearing a white shirt. The white shirt makes you look larger which may curb your eating.  Enhancing the vitality of your environment can be done simply by making sure that the area that you live in stays clean.  Visualize radiant and glowing health to achieve good health in your life.  Having chimes will also help with your vitality. Green plants and the symbolization of a living thing are great symbols of feng shui.  

Family:  Family area is placed on the middle left side and the colors for family are green/blue.  Family energy can be made in this section by placing a moving mobile.  Hang the mobile on a red ribbon of approximately 9 inches.  Visualize the chi flowing through the family unit as you are hanging the mobile in this area of the home.  Anything with the color green is great for creating harmony and peace, as well as a feeling of growth as a family.  Sound energy is also highly recommended when setting up the feng shui system for the family.  Whether wind chimes or a gong or bell. This is another great way to make this work.  

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Feng Shui with me today. Feel free to leave comments or questions below. Once again thanks so much for checking out this blog!!! -Ian 






6 thoughts on “Feng Shui Tips

  1. I have just started to Feng Shui my home. I bought a couple of books, but I’m having difficulty figuring out what to do with the garage! The master bedroom is directly over the garage and it is in the Knowledge and partly in the Family section of the Ba-gua. Any suggestions on how to deal with a messy garage with cars, tools, lawn mowrs, etc…. Thanks!

  2. From everything I know about feng shui I know it is gonna be a pain but you have to start off by cleaning and organizing the garage. I have so much stuff in my garage I can’t even begin to imagine how rough creating a Feng shui environment in the garage. The color of the inside of your garage is also important and another tip I learned is that if your garage is connected to the house always park the car with the headlights facing away from the house. If you really don’t have time to clear the garage it is recommended to get a huge rug with earth colors to put in a bedroom that is directly over the garage, the earthy colors will deflect the moving in and out of cars in the garage and the radiation that a car emits.

  3. Good job Ian! You helped a lot of people with this blog. There’s a lot of really good information here. I’ve worked with feng shui most of my life and it does work. If you have a
    problem in your life, walk to the corresponding corner and see what is or isn’t there. You may be surprised to find clutter or total emptiness. Live plants always help to fill a void. The best part of this science is that it works immediately. No waiting involved!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. What is the best color to paint the garage? Would it help to put a mirror in the garage or can I put a mirror in the bedroom above the garage facing out to bring the bedroom “into” the house, but not the garage below? Are there any other ways to neutralize the garage? This is a tricky situation! Sorry for all the questions and the delay in getting back to the blog!

  5. The best way to paint the garage would also be in earthy colors. If you put the mirror in the space it will ward out negativity and keep anything not positive from entering the spot. By putting a rug in the bedroom it should work good as the separator from the garage to bedroom area. Other ways to neutralize the garage may be to by earthy colored coverings to go over boxes, etc… that may be just sitting out. One of the first rules of Feng Shui is no clutter which in this busy day and age seems almost impossible at times.

  6. Very helpful, Ian. Thank you!!

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