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Finding lost things

Hello! Here we are to enjoy another week. Very often we get customers in the store asking us for ways to find something that they lost. I had begun my weekly meditation that I use when I can’t come up with an idea for a blog and hey I said to myself and my guides, let’s help people find some things that they have lost in the house or car or anywhere else they may take things. I will be going over some spells, tips, tools, fairies and even archangels to find that lost item. Hopefully by using some of these tips we can find what was lost in no time. 

Here are some spells for finding lost things, for some of them you will simply need just your intuition and maybe a small candle to use. The first spell I am going to go over this week is really simple and just needs you, a small candle, and  the direction that you feel. Get a little white candle, light it and walk around the house or wherever you are searching for the item. Say this little spell…..”I need what I seek, give me a peek, draw my eyes, towards my prize.” After doing this let your eyes move around until you get that feeling of being drawn, from there use your intuition of being drawn and head that way.  Another spell that will require a yellow candle, some lemongrass oil to anoint, and some jasmine incense. Start off by anointing the candle with lemongrass oil.(simply put some on your fingers and cover the candle in the oil before lighting it.) Burn the jasmine incense in the house. Light the candle and say this spell..”object seek, come to me, where ever you hide, i shall see, and as my word so will it be.” Close your eyes and really focus on your third eye chakra with that spell.  One more in case you didn’t like either of those. “Earth, air, water, fire. help me find what i desire. candle, cup, wind, seed, help me find what i need.” This is a strictly intuition spell, use your intuition to put a huge focus on the lost item in this one and roll where it sends you.  You can also of course use a candle or incense on that one if you wanted to help you. 

The archangel Chamuel is the archangel that you would need to communicate with as this is the archangel whom is known for finding what is lost. Leave a shiny item, even one as simple as a new penny on your alter or a space in the house and ask the fairies to help you find what you lost.   Unakite is the gemstone whose powers are for helping you finding lost items.  Also,  if you don’t have a unakite stone but you have a green stone of any kind, charge it up and ask for it to help you find the item.  Other great tools for helping you in this matter are dowsing rods, pendulums, meditation, and muscle testing. Some people have multiple pendulums for different things so maybe try using a green pendulum for this.  Dowsing rods can be made easily out of some cheap copper tubing from your local hardware store.  Some other simple ways of finding things that we may not always think of but are super simple and free. You can clean your house or simply tidy up, you never know what you may find by cleaning out your cabinets or vacuuming under the couch cushions. Ask all family members if they have seen the item. Retrace your steps. All of these are simple but hey, they may just do the trick. We would love to hear from you and hear some of the ways that you find lost things. Feel free to use the communication box below to make this blog interactive! It is way more fun when we all share our tips! Thanks so much for checking out the blog. See you soon! -Ian 


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