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Free Will and Self Reflection


“When you look in the mirror each morning is who you see the who you want to be?”

While what others think about you and how others feel about you may seem obviously important, it is important first to ask yourself how you feel and what you want and need to become the person that makes you happy.  Many times in life we wander around trying to make everyone happy and never once in our lives do we care about making ourselves happy.  At the end of the day does making others happy and worrying about how everyone else feels and not bothering to fulfill ourselves to happiness once in awhile really get out of life what we need to try and get out of it.  Are we really serving a higher being if we aren’t taking care of ourselves emotionally and mentally?

These are questions that I have really started to ponder as I walk through my personal life lately.  I’m sure that we have all had these eye opening moments in life where we work so hard to make others happy that we are making ourselves miserable inside because the other people through there own free will have already taken care of many of the things that you are trying to take care of and don’t need you to do them for them.  We all have a plan for us on this short time on earth.  

We need to make sure that while we are spending our time here that we are not stepping in the way of another persons free will and what they are trying to accomplish.  We may feel that we are just trying to help but we really may be hindering someone else’s experience here. We have to let everyone live the way that they want to and at the end of the day the only truly controllable person in your life is you. So by being a good example for a younger generation we still need to let them choose their own paths in this lifespan. Keep our eyes open and open others eyes through the actions that we do but not forcing those actions toward another person.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. I guess what I have spinning in my head is that you have to make you happy for others to be happy around you and controlling our actions and how we interact with others has a huge impact on how people look at us. So while you do have free will and the right to do what you want just remember that someone else may use their own free will to stay away from you or not want to be around you. 

In the end I guess it goes back to last weeks blog while we do have free will are we all really using it to make the world a better place or are we selfish or do we try influencing others free will on a daily basis and keep ourselves from truly being happy and advancing towards the goal of helping others and being a shining light in this world that we live in??  We all have the power to make ourselves happy every day, are we doing that first??   Think about it………



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  1. I also have realized over the years something else. When you “overdo” compassion, charity, sympathy, empathy, it is actually egotistical to some extent. Also, it can be detrimental to you and the other person, people. Sometimes overdoing it can just be an exercise in “puffing” ourselves up to say, “look at how good I am, I am such a great person”, or after a while, no person can possibly be so ultra sympathetic to someone on such a long term basis. It’s hurtful to you, draining, negative, and gives the other person control they should not have!

  2. thank you for reading and commenting on the blog!

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