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getting that vibe

When you get that feeling,  that tingle,  that ringing in your ears what do you do?  Do you ignore it,  do you shrug it off, do you take it as no big deal?  For the longest time I did those same things. As I have awoken to live another day on this beautiful planet lately I’ve really started thinking about the importance of every little ring in my ear,  every word I say or hear.  The importance of a microsecond of your life is absolutely unbelievable.  Are your gifts sending you messages?  Are the angels or paladien people giving you a sense of something?  The time we spend every day ignoring this while thinking of negative garbage that doesn’t help us in any way is unbelievable. I have found myself more awakened and more locked in than i have ever been this week.  It is a great feeling and I hope it never goes away.  I plan on using my gifts to help people and animals and plants and any other living part of this earth every day.  Just some food for thought but when you hear that knocking at the door do you answer it or do you ignore it? Love one another,  help one another,  use those gifts!  Thanks for reading,  Ian:)

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