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It was great seeing everyone over the really busy weekend that we just got done with at the store.  As we were sitting in our third class at the store in three days an idea for the blog this week really popped into my head. The idea was how amazing it is that we are all given gifts and that they are all so amazing when it comes to helping others.

Another thing that had come to mind was what if your intuition doesn’t give you a way or a calling out loud and you have to find your gift or divination tool all on your own because it doesn’t just come natural to you like it does for some people.  Friday night we held a runes class with Rian, he talked in depth on different spreads of the runes and his personal story of how for the last nineteen years he has always kind of fought with the idea of doing what spirit had told him to.  Saturday we had Michelle Belanger, an author who is also known for being on the television show Paranormal State. She gave one of the coolest talks about the art of dream walking. This talk surely taught everything you would ever want to know about the dream realm and dreaming in general.  Sunday morning had arrived and as I drove to pick up my son, as we were holding one of the first ever kids classes in the store with J:D, my mind began to wander and I had all these thoughts of what we would be learning and who would be getting new gifts today from taking the class with our friend J:D.

It was now time for the class and J:D began teaching our sons the art of spirit drawing and in usual ten year old fashion my son made joke after joke and wanted more to play then be serious about the class.  My stepson was in awe of the teachings and you could really tell that this was maybe something that is a gift for him and he may use in the future to help himself or others.  The thought that one got it and one didn’t never came to mind though because you never know when something that you learn or have in the huge memory banks that we call the human mind will awaken and go to work for us.  Later on that day it had become time to take the adult version of the class.  We had already taken this class before but I never pass up the chance to take a class, even if taken before, because you never know when you might have missed something or what new lessons you may have learned. Much like the runes class on Friday, where as much as I love the runes, I lack confidence in my abilities to use them. I had actually ended up helping Rian teach some of the lessons to the new students in the class.  This was a bit of a confidence builder for a person that usually struggles to find that confidence in my every day life.  Back to the spirit drawing class. I will say that this is one divination tool that I really enjoy and even though I don’t give myself credit others have told me that they like the drawings I do.  My wife had missed this class the first time that it happened in the store due to having to pick up one of our sons from airport.  As she sat next to me and did her drawings sure enough down the sides of them were almost automatic writing type shapes. She has always had an interest in this tool but almost seems to struggle with the idea of getting it to work. As a matter of fact this may be the only thing I have ever seen her struggle with as she is one of the strongest people and owner of one of the strongest wills to fight for something that she believes in that you will ever meet.  I have watched her study the drawings the last two days and I really feel they are going to awaken her gifts.

I guess what I am trying to get at is you never know where or when you are going to be treated with gifts but we must keep our eyes open. A quote that I really enjoy saying is “Don’t blink your eyes, you never know what you can miss in the blink of an eye.” As my children grow and grow each day I have really started to realize and my wife and I had a long talk on Sunday night about where I am in my life and my path and how many days I am a hypocrite to what I try walking.  I am really going to start each day out opening my eyes a little wider and realizing just being here is gift enough, having a beautiful wife and my sons puts it on a whole other level. The fact that we are all given gifts and tools to use to help others makes me really realize that I need to keep myself in check each day and make sure I don’t wake up feeling sorry for myself as others are hard up and I could be helping them.  I am really sorry if I seem to ramble this week but I really felt this blog needed to be written and I am thankful if even one person reads it. Once again thank you for checking out the blog and feel free to comment below. -Ian


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  1. Hi Ian,

    I read it and I enjoyed reading it ;o)

    We are all on a journey, we should try not to be too hard on ourselves, we should be aware of our shortcomings and be willing to work on them and keep our eyes on our goals, eventually we will get there. We are all growing and will continue to grow as long as this is our desire. Toddlers keep trying to learn how to walk no matter how many times they fall right on their heads ;o) Don’t forget to ask the Universal Consciousness for help, you’ll be surprised as to what will transpire.

    Confidence is like any other strength, it must be worked out, like a muscle, it won’t grow unless it is exercised.

    Have you read the Little Engine that could? It’s a great little book, I enjoy reading it even today as an adult, I find it inspirational.

    Fear gets in the way of growth and confidence, there is an old saying that goes something like this, the only thing to fear is fear itself? It’s something like that, sorry I can’t remember exactly how it goes, but that is pretty much the gist of it.

    I find it difficult to study or promote something if I don’t believe in it. Faith is also very important, faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

    have a wonderful week

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