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Get grounded

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! We just got back late last night from Cincinnati, Ohio. We were vendors at an expo called Victory of Light. It is a really big expo with rooms of vendors and readers. The neighbors we were given at the festival were lots of fun and we really enjoyed the company that we had with them.

I had made it through the first day without many issues. By the middle of the second day I started to feel like my feet were no longer touching the floor. This is not an issue that I have ever had. I kept hearing the reader in the booth beside us offering chocolate kisses to people and telling them to eat chocolate for grounding. I had never thought of this but it seemed to work. Obviously, he was talking about grounding yourself spiritually. This was a giant building full of people doing energy work and beautiful crystals all around with energy coming off of them, An absolutely amazing atmosphere going on.

Some different feelings you may have if you need grounding are an upset stomach. Things like feeling dizzy or your ears ringing can be other things that you may feel when you have this going on. Losing track of thought over and over is another sign. I was walking around the building and really had a sense of not knowing where I was or where I was going. The lights around me seemed really bright and every noise was turned up to high volume. There were lots of people that I noticed bumping into other people or booths around the expo. I also noticed an extreme anxiousness coming onto me at all times. If you are in a situation or place with high energy all of these are signs that you are not grounded and not the fun kind like when you were a kid:)

Ways to get yourself grounded are many. Sometimes we can’t always do the things that need to be done to get ourselves back down on the ground where we want to be. As I mentioned earlier sugar is a thing that works for some people. I don’t believe it works for me as I feel ever more anxious when I eat sugar or chocolate but it sure does taste good. Doing a grounding meditation is another great way to snap out of being up too high. However, if during this exercise you find yourself not focusing or even at times falling asleep you may have to move onto something else.

A way to help you if accessible to you is to touch the ground. This should be obvious but it isn’t always something that all of us think of. When doing this you need to literally get your feet on the ground by taking off shoes and socks and get those feet firmly planted to the earth. This is usually very helpful. Mother earth will give you back the roots and the connection to being grounded.

There are also many stones that you can use to ground yourself when feeling spiritually off the floor. Also, looking into the color black is useful to clear the chakras and get you restarted. Try holding a piece of blue kyanite to get you back on track, it has always worked really good for me as far as a grounding stone. Many of the black stones such as black tourmaline also work good on clearing you out and pushing the energy away from you so that you can reground yourself. Many people use hematite jewelry such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet to get them back down.

Things like having a reiki session or tuning forks can also help you out. What ways do you use to ground and calm yourself down when you have the issues of getting too high up in areas like this or places of high energy, feel free to get interactive in the box below and join the blog! Have a great week and thanks for reading. -Ian

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