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So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what is the reason for us being here. The answer I keep getting when I meditate on this is who is us? I didn’t really understand why my guides were saying this to me. I had posted and thought and dreamed and today I got my answer. I have to worry about me not us.

What is my reason for being here. As we went to a friend’s house this afternoon to help her clear her home and help her find the little mischievous whatever it was that had been bothering her and doing things such as hide jewelry and just basically scaring her at times and at the end of the day the question is if you can not be comfortable in your own home where can you go.  It had really been weighing on me since our friend had told us that she felt this way in her own homehome.  We went and got her home cleared for her and after doing the white light in her basement area I said a little prayer and asked for some guidance and continued to talk to my guides as I gridded the property for her.

The answer I got over and over today was a really simple one. It was a four letter word that I will keep clear and in my start of every day moving forward.  The word was  HELP.  It all goes back to that beginning lesson in life, always trust your intuition.  Mine told me to help and I will spend my l life helping anyone I can because I have been given life and the ability to wake up every morning and spend another day on this beautiful planet so I will do all I can to make it a better place for anyone around me. Thanks for reading this blog and letting me share my wonderful day and recognition of my calling in life. Have a great week!-ian

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