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Holding onto things best thrown away.

Letting go of things that have wronged or hurt us is never an easy thing. Everyone experiences guilt at one time or another during their life. While some guilt can induce positive change, it can also become self-destructive, wasting energy and adding stress to your life. The feelings of knowing that you wronged somebody or something that you have forgotten to do is another thing that many of us have a lot of trouble moving on from. We are human and we all have faults or sins or however you want to call them. It is never right for us to do these things but at the same time we are helping nobody by moping about it and making things worse by letting it eat us up to the point that you are adding to the things that in the first place screwed everything up and when we have these feelings of guilt we need to let them go and not remind the person that we have wronged that we did so every day. If we do this then how can we ever expect them to let it go.

Asking for forgiveness was a lesson that I learned very young in life growing up in a southern Baptist church. It was a part of everyday life. Unfortunately I feel like maybe I have learned to overdo it, in other words I have grown to a point where when I feel guilty I let it completely eat me alive and everyone around me suffers. I have come to a point where I can no longer do this and I have to move on and make things better for myself and my family. I have finally realized that I will never see true happiness in my life without fixing this issue. No amount of help that I have gotten can help if I don’t let go and help myself in this matter.

If you have issues in letting go or not holding onto guilt there are some metaphysical ways of helping with this. Some stones that help with these kinds of issues are rose quartz, calcite, amethyst, hematite, and smokey quartz. You can keep them in your pocket, put them on an alter, or meditate with them . Making a bath of hyssop, rue, and sage can help as hyssop was in the bible being stated to remove sin from you, rue is great for cleansing away negativity from situations or that others have sent your way and the sage is good for cleansing and bringing clarity to the situation which you have the feelings for.

A line that I have heard a lot is “spend more time  on the things that you do well and less time beating yourself up with the things you struggle with.” I am thinking that this is going to be my motto moving forward. I have spent a huge percentage of my life beating myself to death with negativity and looking at the bad. The time we have in a lifetime is way to short for things like this. In closing I guess what I am trying to get out there is in a perfect world there would be no hurt, no sin, no evil or stupidity. Unfortunately we all do stupid things at times, we all make mistakes. It is the step you take afterward that really matters. You can fix the situation and move in a positive direction or you can mope in a world of depression and destroy yourself. Love each other but as we all know we can’t even do this without loving ourselves first.  Have a great week and if you would like to comment or talk about this subject any more feel free to leave comments in the box below.


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