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Come together for the holidays.

Hey guys,

So last year around this time I did a blog called the Christmas/Yule Melting pot or something like that. It was pretty neat, if you haven’t checked it out please go back in the archives and check it out. This week I was thinking about what to write about and it came to me how rough of a year it has been and the fact that there is not a lot of the word co-exist being used anywhere. There are people being killed in the street, police who will not be home with there families because of violence, soldiers over seas fighting in wars because of the fact that peace isn’t happening much of anywhere in the world.

It has been a rough year for many people all over the world and it seems that it has been a much rougher year in America than we are used to. As I sat back and thought this weekend about how rough that some people have it and I read posts on facebok stating that christ is the reason for the season and things like this I pondered,  do we all accept each other and think that just because someone else believes differently than me that I shouldn’t love them as much as someone that does believe like I do? This is a great thing to think about especially this time of year.

This is the time of year in which we should be contacting old friends, helping out those that are not as fortunate as others, people with hardships. However, when you look around there is a lot of petty fighting, tongue lashing, talking bad, not helping each other. We each have our own belief system and I assume that the reason we have those is because they work for us, in the end they have all been melted together in some way and the way I look at it is if we really are trying to do whats best then why not use what we know and what we believe to help others.

We don’t all agree all the time but learning about other civilizations and other cultures and how they do things is a great thing. They may be doing things that could be helpful in the way that we live. It is great to teach our children many ways of believing and the fact that being accepting of others is a much better way of living. If you are teaching or learning to do things that help others and stretch the love that we have for one another all over the world it can only be a good thing. So as you sit and spend the holidays with your family think about other households and just because they may believe different or been giving different teachings during this lifetime doesn’t make them a bad person and at the end of the day what they worship or believe is most likely melted together with what you know and believe. Have a happy holiday and love one another!



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  1. Well said.

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