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how did we get where we are and what’s next?

So last week we began watching a new television program on the fox network called Cosmos. This program really got my head spinning and thinking.  The first episode of the show talked about how the earth was formed and how the galaxies work and how many years that it has taken to form all of this.  It is an unbelievable train of thought to think about all of this and how it works.

It really makes me wonder about who is really right? Is there a such place as heaven or are we already in some sort of heaven, are we reincarnated and get to enjoy all the amazing wonders that this galaxy and universe have to offer? These are really some complex ideas and thoughts to have and they really make your head work.  Just the thought of little significance that a human life of even 80 years has is crazy to ponder.

The earth and universe has been around on comparison to the calendar year just one hour of the last day of the calendar year. We have only known of the other galaxies and many parts of space for a few hundred years. Think of all the unlimited possibilities of different things and living beings that can be out in the galaxy. Think if there is reincarnation could we be reincarnated as a being on a whole different planet. What kinds of awesome plant life can be on the other planets? The thoughts and things in your mind could be endless when thinking about all of this. I really like this show because of  what it does for the mind.

I know that it isn’t good to over think things and to worry but really this kind of thought makes my mind at ease to think of the wonder and amazement that the creation of everything living on this planet and everywhere in the galaxy. I’ve really thought that doing more past life regressions may help us even more to understand how we got here and how things have come together.

The wonders of how animal breeds have come to be, the progression of the planet, and just many other things like this have already been a part of this show.  I am going to spend a little more time each day being in awe of all of this and exactly how it all works. My stepson has so much knowledge of science and all of this for a ten year old. It is important to understand where we came from to know where to steer what comes next.  Just some food for thought for all of us. Thanks for reading the blog and check out the show Cosmos, it really will put you in some deep thought.

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