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How to pick a reader?

Hey everybody, here is to hoping that you all had a great fourth of July, got to eat some great food, and spend time with loved ones. This is always one of those days of the year that I can remember hearing great stories from grandpa, my dad, or my uncles. It was always a great day of the year that I have unforgettable memories of.

This week I am going to write about something that we always get lots of questions about whether we are at the winery or we are at the store for the last Sunday of the month for a psychic fair. Which reader should I go to? There are a good amount of questions to think of before you get to that point. Do you want to communicate with relatives that have passed? Do you have jewelry that you want to know more about? Do you want to know the future? Do you have goals you are looking to achieve? This seems overwhelming but really you are spending your hard earned money so you should be sure that you are spending it in the place where you are going to get the most out of what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a way to tap into a single goal or something that is of most important in your life right at this moment. The reading that will give you reflection and focus from yourself to put you in gear you would want to get a rune reading as these will tell you exactly where you need to focus. The really neat thing about this type of reading is that if you don’t work on what you got from this reading you are very likely to get the same reading more than once. Rian is available at the store for this type of reading on Wednesdays.

Many readers use oracle or tarot cards. These cards can give you perspective on anything from love, family, health, travel, business, money, jobs prety much  whatever you may be looking for in the future. Many of these readers need to use thier intuition to gain knowledge from these cards to help you on your way to figuring out what you are looking for. A lot of tarot readers will ask you for your birthday and full name to kick off the reading. Elizabeth Howell, Mama Coco, Rev. Cynthia, Don Schilk, and Greg all use some sort of cards to give a reading. They have all been a part of our monthly psychic fairs at the store.

Psychometry is also known as token object reading. It is where you can take an object and hold it and get knowledge from that object about a person or things going on in their past or future based off of what they get from that object. Most people use jewelry for this. The reader will hold a piece of jewelry and tell you what this piece has to tell them. It can help to tell you what a relationship has to offer for you. Things from the past if the jewelry is from a deceased family member. Ernesto uses this type of reading for many of his clients. To find out Ernesto’s times in the store check out the calendar.

Some readers channel. For example, if you get a reading from Rebecca, she will give you the reading based off of what angels tell her. She channels the angels and they give her information to help you on your path, they can tell you what colors to wear or work with. They can also tell you what stones may help you. Rebecca is also in the store and can be found on the calendar.

Scrying is an old art that can be done with crystal balls, mirrors, and other items. You read what you see in the ball or mirror to tell someone a reading. It will aid in a readers clairvoyance. The reader has to also use intuition for this to work. The art of clairvoyance is a must when someone is using this as thier tool. Mama Coco is big on this tool. She also uses pendulums and angel dice and boards. These are specialized items that she has made to help her in her readings. You can get more information about Mama Coco by checking out She also reads at the store every Monday and different days as listed on the calendar.

Astrology readers can tell you what are the best days of the year or times of the year to do certain things such as love, work, business,etc.. They base things off of when you are born. Where you are on the astrology wheel and many other factors associated with all of this. Elizabeth, Don, Ernesto, Hank  and Mama Coco can all help you with astrology related questions.

There are many types of healings that you can get done at a psychic faire too. Just a couple of them that are offered at the store are tuning forks, reiki, and IET. Lovey is available in the store Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays. She will channel angels for a reiki typed energy healing which will commence with a cutting of karma cords that you don’t need and aren’t of your best good. Tuning fork healing is a healing done with different sound tones given off by the forks. They are great for helping you tap into and unlocking the various chakras and unlocking them. Hank is available for this kind of healing every Thursday. Reiki is another form of energy healing done through the hands. Rebecca is available for this. We also have Sue Ball in the store to teach and attune you to be a reiki master. Check the website for more information on this.  I have written different blogs on each of these types of healings, go through the old blogs to find these.

Thanks so much for reading this blog. If you have other questions about different types of readings or what our store readers and healers have to offer type your response in the box below.  Have a great week!!

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