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Importance of animal guides

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks to everyone that came out and joined us at the store for the classes that we held over the weekend with Lovey on Friday and Elizabeth on Saturday. This week I am going to have a little chat with you guys about animals and what they do for us in our lives. For a great in detail class about animal guides and meeting them. Rev. Cynthia is going to be teaching this awesome class. She also does readings at the store on Tuesdays from 1 to 5 every week.

Every morning I look out the windows of our house and see the little creatures that most people think are just a stable of what we have in Ohio, the squirrel. If you don’t think about it, they are just another animal and no big deal. To me they are totally amazing. Watching the squirrels running up and down the trees, chasing each other, and building a huge supply of nuts and food. I am just in awe by looking at them.

There are alot of people around the Ohio area who say that they see hawks and it is kind of the same thing. For one person, they may say that the hawk is just a part of Ohio and no big deal. For others it is amazing and really speaks to them. These are thoughts that everyone has and it is crazy how cool it is for some but then nothing for others.  There are nights where you have non stop dreams of different animals and you don’t understand why as well. Are these guides? What can they do to help you in every day life? These are all things that we could take a little extra time to think about when we wake up in the morning or take a time out to enjoy the beauty that our surroundings have to offer us.

When you are having a rough time in life and things seem like they are going nowhere for us, a little animal can really brighten your day. It is amazing how a little dog can be taken to a nursing home and have a healing effect on people, a cat purring can calm down the worst bout of depression. Animals can guide us whether in meditation or just every day life.

There are reasons for this and in the class this Friday night and we are really going to go right to the front of learning about this. Rev. Cynthia has done celebrations in the store for Yule as well as Dia de los muertos. She has many years of experience in the study of animal guides.   We hope to see you at the store this Friday night for this amazing class which will put all of this into perspective for you. Friday night from 6 to 8 Rev. Cynthia teaches “Meet your Animal Guides” This class is $25 cash and will be a great time! We hope to see you there.

Have a great week and help someone and spread the power of healing anywhere it is needed!-Ian

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