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Intuition is such an important tool that oh so often we overlook and don’t use. Everyday there are things that we get a hunch about our a feeling and we just ignore it only to see it come to fruition in some way or another. It is the first step you learn in psychic development. It is a great tool and one that all of us have instilled in us one way or another from birth. This may even be a reason why something like telling yourself you are going on a diet may not work. The first three letters are die. Your inner self won’t show you things that will hurt you. Ways to work on your intuition are working on meditation, clearing your chakras and auras. You can also do things like working with guides and angels. Your intuition is a terrible thing to ignore and it may help you achieve things in life you never thought possible. The next time you get a hunch or that tapping on the shoulder. Ask yourself “Is this my intuition tapping in and is this something that can help me as my day goes on? ” Trusting this can be a great tool and it costs you nothing. Thanks for reading this blog and feel free to send questions or comments to the section below. -Ian


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  1. This is really good confirmation for me! My intuition is going beserk lately! And now I think a lot of it is because I have been working on my aura, chakras, and even Angels!! Opening up those portals will really do it. Now just to sort them out and discern.

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