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Hey guys,

So today I have been thinking and I had thoughts all throughout my dreams last night. The dreams I had made it very hard to sleep because the thought of limits is one that can overwhelm you if you let it. I thought about what the word limits really means to me. Of course we have things like the speed you drive in a car and that is limited and you have to keep it under control.

However, there are other limits that we let be placed on us without reason. We let people who have no right to do so put limits on how we feel, what we believe, and even how we act each day. This can hurt our connections to higher beings, it can hurt what we are feeling when we know it is right. These kinds of things should not be allowed to happen to us. We should be allowed to push the limits of higher learning and believing as high as we want. I saw a line this morning that will stick with me for days I am sure. It was “Why should the sky be your limit when there are footprints on the moon?”

That was such a wow quote for me. Do we always push the limits of positivity or are there times we hold back because we are scared? Life in general is hard as we all know but I think that many of the reasons are self imposed or put on us because of what we think other people want us to be. This is not how we should live or function through the day.

When we shove limits out of our way and just do our thing we will end up higher and brighter than we ever have before. The heights we will reach will be amazing to all the doubters in our lives that tried holding us down. It is not always going to look like the easy way from the outside but when you are floating high above the doubt and negativity the world and people around us have to offer, it will feel great. Just keep it in mind as you go to sleep at night. Are the limits that I have on myself really needed to be there or can I break them?

Stay positive, help each other, and shatter the limits that are on you!!! -Ian


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  1. Thank you, so much for this. Reading this really made my day. I love the quote “why should the sky be your limit when there are footprints on the moon”. That’s best thing I have heard and I hope many people get to read this. So many are told they can’t or won’t do things. Once again thank you and blessed be )0(.

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