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Look in the Sky

Hello,  welcome to another blog. Here’s to hoping that you had a good week last week and found someone to help or even just sit down and talk to someone who needed a shoulder or an open ear.  This weeks blog is going to be about e.t.’s or aliens or space people or whatever you like to call them.

I guess I will start off with my earliest memories of the space beings. When I was just 3 years old I can remember my mom taking us to Sears and buying us a copy of the movie e.t., it was one of the first vhs tapes that we ever owned. I loved that movie as a little kid and it was one of the movies that much like our kids, I would watch it over and over.  It was just a movie and at the little age of 3 not alot of kids are really going to put a whole lot of thought into the fact that “hey, there really are or could be other races up in the sky.”  When I was around 5 years old I remember the show Unsolved Mysteries being on with the eerie voice of Robert Stack always talking about aliens and showing videos of aliens walking in peoples houses and other creepy things involving them.  It was at that point that I pretty much decided that I would be blocking out alien  (and also the incredible hulk)  and never really thinking about them again.


Fast forward about twenty years and I was just meeting Melissa for the first time.  We always have lots of fun joking to each other.  One of the running jokes in our house has always been about my fear of aliens or beings from space.  I always kinda shrugged it off but never reopened and tried to be accepting of looking at why I was afraid. Melissa has always said that I have a connection to them or that I used to be one in a past life.  I always thought that was silly and wrote it off.


In the last year or so I decided to open the box when it came to extra terrestrials and said lets figure this all out.  In the past year I have read books, watched television programs, googled, and many other ways of study.  I have a huge interest in crop circles now and am always looking to learn more about them . I also had a past life regression where sure enough I had a run in with aliens.  That still was not really a total eye opener for myself because I don’t think I was fully open to the whole idea and gave myself not enough self reflection during the regression.  About three weeks ago we began the Star Alliance with Ernesto Cardona and Miguel. I went into it still having some personal demons kicking my butt and had not totally given into the idea that the connection between myself and those that walk in the stars could be made.

Ever since the first class I have felt much more of a connection to the stars and alien beings.  During meditation I see pyramids and eyes and all kinds of really neat stuff.  I have had a guide for the last couple years that I have a very good connection with, I call him Mik and he has been a huge help. He has always worn a hood that completely covered his face.  During class on last Saturday night he removed the hood from his head and what I saw was very much what Ernesto had described that the beings from space look like.  Over Miks head were the words “WELCOME HOME”.  Wow, what a revelation that this was thinking about how scared I have been about aliens and all that all my life and then to find out that one of my most trusted guides is one and he welcomed me to his home and what he has in store for me is very interesting.


If you have had any experiences with E.T.’s or beings from space leave some comments.  If you have any questions type em in the box. We would love to chat about this subject with you. Once again have a great week and thanks for reading the blog.


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