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Love and Light

We went to Columbus, Ohio on Sunday to see the Universal Life Expo. My favorite part of the expo is the Monks doing their yearly ceremony with the sand mandala. This ceremony is amazing and teaches you so much about the lack of importance of “stuff” while you are here in this life time.  It teaches you the lack of importance in things such as ego or having  a big head. In the grand scheme of things none of us is more important than another and nothing that you have in this life time gets to go with you to the next life time or wherever you cross over to.  It was another reminder to me that I need to treat every day as an important day and make sure that I love my family more and more every day.  

These monks spend many, many hours building the mandala only to destroy it at the end of the weekend and then have a ceremony to symbolize the lack of importance in material things and the shortness of life on this world. This isn’t what they believe but it definitely puts into perspective for me that the importance of how you do live while you are here and the things that you do are reflected so much more because of the shortness of time. 

I have had a rough few months but moving forward there will never be a day when I am not a shining light and someone that my friends and family will look at and say that they would go into a rough situation because they know that I will stand tall and protect them.  I will never have a day where I let the little matters in life cloud how much I love my wife and my kids.  The world is a rough place, times are rough. If you are healthy and you have a beautiful wife and healthy kids that should be enough for you.  I am confident that my awakening has saved all that I need in my life.  So I guess what I’m saying this week is hold onto what is important to you. Tell your loved ones how much you love them each day and not just tell them but show them.  Let go of things on the outside that may negatively effect how you feel. They are not important and don’t deserve to be in your life. If they are negative people get them out. We each have to find our path by ourselves. Nobody can help you if you don’t know you.

 Always be you, Always be your best, Always love!!! -IAN 

Hope to see you all at the HHHexpo this weekend. Saturday and Sunday 11-6!!!


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  1. Well said. Well done. Now that’s a tough act to follow! It is so wonderful to see a happy family in this day and age.

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