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Love, Respect, and Dream

Love, Respect, Dream

So today is a day that we celebrate a man in the United States of America by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. He was an amazing man whose goal in life was for everyone to coexist, for the country to come together and work together and have peace. One of his quotes that really hits me is “If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose the courage to be, that quality which helps you go on in spite of it all, and so today I will still have a dream.”

This quote really hits me because it is one that we really have to think about each day of our life. If you wake up in the morning and you say the heck with it, I am not even going to try. How much are you really going to accomplish in your life? The vitality that keeps us moving in the morning when we wake up is so important to bring brightness each day that we live. We have to refuse to give up, refuse to accept not being our best.

We all have beliefs that we hold dear and that others may not totally agree with. We have to make sure that we are not pushing them on other people. We shouldn’t have others pushing what they believe on us. However, it is not a terrible thing to show others what we do by being positive and spreading a loving feeling to everyone that steps in our path.

When I think of Martin Luther King, I think of a man who showed that he cared. He was a man that just had an aura of intelligence and showed that he knew what he was talking about and that he was honest. I think that it is a hell of a thing to look at a man like that and admire what he stood for. I am proud to teach my children what an amazing man that Mr. King was and that he is a man that they can admire.

He is the kind of man that I try to be everyday. I try incorporating what this man teaches when I am out in the world. If someone wants to speak with me I am more then welcoming in listening to the teachings of others. I love learning about other religions and cultures. I want to open my mind more and more every day that I live. I will continue to welcome any teachings that there are to learn. When I look back, men like Martin Luther King Jr. taught me this and I am proud about it. I grew up in the country and unfortunately there are lots of people that aren’t willing to take the time to respect this man and understand what he had to teach, to pass along the teachings to their children. Today is a day that we celebrate diversity, freedom, and loving one another. Thank you MLK Jr. for what you taught me as a child.

Have a great week and love and respect one another! -Ian

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