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Hey guys, So this week I wanted to discuss meditation and what we get out of it, what we do with it, and maybe get the interaction going by asking what you all get out of it and how it works for others.  I have been deep in a thought of awe since Saturday night when we had a Psychic development class going on at the store and we did a meditation at the end.  As we did the meditation I got really locked in and saw all the chakra colors and it was an awesome experience as I locked in with my spirit guide in the same meditation and the guide told me that I locked in with this meditation.  This was the start of a blog from last year that I am gonna roll with because I never posted or finished it so out of the hopper and added to.  So I have had the pleasure of being able to go to the last three psychic development circles at the store which is led by Jim Flynn.  This is usually an event that I don’t get to attend because we do it on Tuesday nights and this is the night that I work.  I have always gotten a lot out of the meditations at this circle. I’m not sure what it is that locks me in at this but its something.

The first two times that I got to go to the circle again after not doing it in so long, we did it round robin style where we do a meditation, then we go around the circle, everyone tells what they got out of the meditation, and from there we tell other people in the circle messages that we got for them.   The third one we did our readings “bootcamp” style or what reminds me of musical chairs. We move from person to person and give a few minute readings.  I really was locked into the auras. It felt really good.  Remembering what you get from a meditation and keeping track of them much like you do dreams will really help you roll with what life and intuition has to offer you. If there are skills that you have or want and you really can not figure out how to hone them use your meditation and ask you spirit guides to help you get to the next level.  I have gotten spirit guides, family, aliens, and many others in meditation that have helped me with things in life. Using a notebook to write down your ideas is a great idea and really helps.  Also, flexing your psychic muscles and working on them in groups like the circle are great ways to open up what you strive for.

I was talking to a customer on Friday night about totem animals and they were really into it. I then went into the question of meditation and they said that they were afraid and would never meditate again because when they were young they meditated and didn’t put up any protection so had bad things and thoughts during meditation.  Some tips that we use at the store before the circle or even before doing your own personal meditation are using a prayer or just a little thing that you can say asking for only things of positivity and of the white light can be a part of what is going on.  Also, ask you guides to be a sort of body guards, this always works great for me and they can still help you during the meditation but will keep out those things that should not be there.  Also, lighting a white candle and focusing on it as you slip into the meditation is a big help. Please use the comments section to share your tips or ask questions about meditation. We will be running a special circle tonight as there is a fifth Tuesday in April. It will run from 7-8:30 and ran by Jim Flynn, one of the wonderful store readers.  The cost is just five dollars. We hope to see you there. Have a great week and meditate! -Ian


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