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With Memorial day just passing and in my life that also is an important time of memories as the time of my grandfathers passing. I have had the word memory running through my head non stop and in all of my meditation the message of remember has been right there for me.  When you get that feeling of intuition running wild for you, as we have talked about in the past you have to pick up the ball and shoot for the stars. Well this is one of those times and this blog was handed to my via intuition. 

So the blog is going to talk about refreshing memories, different ways of remembering things from the past, things we have forgotten, and just great memories that take us back to places in life that made us happy or times of you shining in life. Remember that it is fine to block out the rough memories so when you work on this feel free to ask that only those things that are going to take you to a higher level and be there to make you better will come to you.   Life seems really rough and tough but if we find the time to grab ahold of memories sometimes they will give us the sunshine in life to get us moving on.  Memories can enhance or sense of want, prosperity, peacefulness, trust, and wisdom. If they can do all of that why not make them roll for us.  

There are a handful of stones that can help us bring back our memories and help us out. Just a few of those are black tourmaline, hematite, flourite, citrine, and amber.  You can put them in your pocket, hold, them in your hand during a meditation, or even sit them in a dish on your alter or other space that is important to you. While everything in our personal environment has some sort of memory associated with it so you could even program a clear quartz with memories.  

Some herbs that are really good for bringing your memories back to you are ginseng, rosemary, sage, green tea, or blueberries.  You can make these in teas, incense, pills. just simply the herb in a satchel will all be helpful in remembering things that you want to remember in your life.  Also, a huge helper in trying to bring back memories through dreams is mugwort.  This one is highly recommended by Mary Ann Winkowski for remembering your dreams.  Also, the biggest help in your journey to regain memories is a notebook and a pencil. Any time that you get back a memory and you want to build on it write that stuff down. 

If you have any suggestions that you use for memory recall or you just simply wanna start a conversation about this feel free to use the box below. We love to hear from our customers! Have a great week and thank you for reading the blog:)



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