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More about Totem Animals

Hey guys. This week we are going to have another talk about totems. 

This time I am going to go over a few new totem meanings that we didn’t go over in the first blog. I also figured we could have some discussion about different ways of finding a totem animals.  A lot of people when looking for a totem animal don’t think about the fact that seeing something like a normal animal for an area (for example  a squirrel in the woods of Ohio) does not necessarily make it your totem animal however it may. There are lots of different ways to realize your true totem animal. One great way is through meditation. During your meditation look around, look for animals and see if there is a distinct animal that shows up time after time.  Dreams are another way of finding your totem. Make sure that you have a dream journal and write down the animals and if you are having trouble remembering the dreams there are herbs like mugwort that are great at helping remember them and finding a totem animal in the dreams.  Just walking in the woods is another great way to find a totem animal but just don’t forget that sometimes there are certain animals in there habitat and you are going to see them regardless,  try finding an animal that you have been able to put together with the dreams and meditation or even in a time of need.  If you are having a tough time in life sometimes the animal may show up over and over and seems to always help you out in this time.  A great example that I hear a lot in our area is the hawk.  

I get questions all the time about totem animals and some really good books for finding and understanding the totem animal world are Animal Speak and Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. He is a wonderful and educated author when it comes to this subject.  Another great way to get in touch and use your intuition to find a  animal totem are oracle cards. The deck that is the most popular and the one that we recommend at the store is The Power Animal Oracle Deck by Steven D. Farmer, Ph D. Another book that I have checked out is Totems: The transformative power of your personal animal totem by Brad Steiger. This is a really neat and informative book. If you didn’t want to purchase a book, you can always check one out of your local library.   

Just to go over a few of the totems that people have asked me about lately.

The spider is listed in the insect group of totems. It is known for female energy, cunning, rebirth, death, creation, protection, and faith.  The main thing the spider says to you is to weave your own life. Do things your way and be confident in your beliefs and ways of doing things.  

The ladybug is also in the insect group of totems.  It is a bug that you always see a lot when the season changes and it gets cold outside and the migrate in the house.  It is an Irish symbol of protection.  Perhaps best known as an sign of luck.  When a Ladybug lands on you, it is said your wish will come true.

The fox is an animal that you sometimes see but not a lot so I think of it as a great example of a totem animal around the Ohio area.  Some of the meanings associated with the fox are physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness, cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning, ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky situations, and affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work.

These are just a few of the ones that I have been thinking about lately or have heard people around me asking about.  If you have any totem animals that you want to talk about feel free to leave comments and we can banter back and forth and have some more discussions about animal totems.  Another really important thing that I wanted to say is this just like any other kind of journey work is a self intuition experience. You have to really look into yourself and realize why a certain totem may come to you and if you have a feeling that the totem has a different meaning than one that you have been taught or have read it is probably true as well. Use your intuition and what you feel to find your totem and the true meaning and what it has in store for your life. I hope you all have a great day and thank you so much for reading this blog!!! -Ian 

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