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Morgan’s Message



October 5, 2013

Dear Beloved Children of the Earth,

Draw your circles, step in, step in all the wonder.  Open your heart and feel your Divine GODDESS essence within.  Listen to the beat of your heart, feel the pulse and the rush of your blood flowing through your veins.  Feel Mother Gaia’s vibration at your feet…deep, grounded and rooted with the heart’s core.

Look up with your head high…feel the GODDESS presence of the Moon and her magnetic vibrations of many cycles as she has seen it all.  She is as old as the Earth and one cannot exist without the other.  She’s Lunar from the sky’s rules and she controls our watery tides.  Draw down the silvery rays from the crown of your head, all the way down to the center of the Earth.  Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Create, weave and manifest your wishes, dreams and desires!  Feel the magick as the GODDESS is within every soul ~ male and female.  Allow yourself to be enchanted in a mystical world of the imagination as creative ideas can make anything happen.  Your creative side of your right brain is as real as it exists within your head! HA, HA, HA (laughing)…this may sound silly to you yet the evidence is true.

Live your magick, be your magick and you see the manifestation of your magick come to life.  Trust in yourself and your power.  Never doubt and be one with the essence of the elements around you as well as within.  You can do this!  Be careful what you wish for and remember to seal it with LOVE and see the beauty of magick unfold right before your very eyes.  The possibilities are endless.  Expect your divine will and it shall be done.  So mote it be.

I AM Morgan le Fay

Channeled by Ernesto


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  1. Awesome! Love it, need it, want it!

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