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Ghostly Nashville

Hi everyone,

It has been a long, busy road these last few weeks with the store moving and all that we have had going on. The new store is now up and running and here we are. It looks amazing and we are so happy to be moved and in a new, bigger, and more energetic spot.  I am going to try and get this blog up and running again now that the store is moved and up and running.  

Before the move we went to Nashville for a week for some rest and relaxation. For a city with the word Y’all everywhere I was pleasantly suprised to find all the haunted places and things to see for those of us that are interested in this kind of thing. 

The first place that we went to while there was a ghost tour. I didn’t really know what to expect as we drove to Nashville and saw the beautiful skyline of the city. Our tour guide, Andrew, was very knowledgeable about not only the ghost stories of the city and surrounding areas but the stories of the city itself.  We learned of ghosts in the capital building. We learned stories of Andrew Jackson and his wife, we also learned about the amazing ghost stories of the area known as Printers Alley.  At the end of the tour, very much Seinfeldesk, a man named Sam who ran a sushi restaurant and was known for kicking people out who were not happy with the food had moved back to Japan and left a note in the window that stated “Good by, No more sushi for you”-Sam  I guess this was probably one of the stories that you would have to take the tour to get but Melissa and I loved it.  The next place we went to was the Bell Witch Cave which is about 15 miles from Nashville in what was seemingly the middle of nowhere. We got there and sat through a recreation of the story of a family haunted in the woods. Right down from the house is the cave. This cave was full of orbs and good stuff.  We got many good pictures while in the cave and the tour guide did a great job of keeping us interested.  The last haunted place that we went to was the Willard Library. This is actually in Indiana but less than 2 hours from Nashville. The lady in grey still haunts the hallways in this beautiful old library in Evansville, IN. They also have 24 hour a day cameras you can check out online at This was a really fun place to check out and when we were done we sat outside and just checked the place out. 

I highly recommend a trip to the Nashville area to any ghost hunter or just somebody  who is looking for a week of fun. It was great talking with everyone again this week. I hope to see  you all soon. Check out our calendar for all of the awesome events coming up in the store. Have a great week! -Ian 

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