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New Moon


New Moon is upon us once again so I figured we could all share our new moon rituals and things that we do for the new moon.  

Maryann Winkowski teaches the law of abundance check for new moon. This is a very simple thing to do and it works great.  To do the law of abundance check you can use either a blank check or a lined piece of paper. You fill out the check on the date of the new moon. Write your full name on the pay to the order of line.  Write paid in full on the amount line.  Sign it with Law of Abundance. Never date, fill in the amount, or throw the check away as these all limit the amount that can be paid to you. For full details on Maryanns Law of abundance check out

If you are into the elements and putting them to work some suggestions for this are:

If fire is your thing sit around a pit of fire and enjoy the moon,  do a little ceremony to release and rejuvenate yourself.  If you are an earth element person do things like planting gardens or buy new living plants that you are going to put in your house on new moon.  If air is the element that speaks to you do something like hang a windchime or put up new bird feeders to attract birds.  If water is what you are drawn to buy a new fountain for the house or make a big purchase and buy a hot tub!

New Moon rituals are very powerful and alot of energy is added to them when they are done in the sector of your home that is associated with the astrological energy of new moon.  To do this you would match up the astrological sign associated with the month of the year and match it up with the colors and other feng shui things associated with that astrological sign.

 Lighting candles is a way that many people do new moon. Flames symbolize the light that you have inside you. By using the candles it helps you to make sacred space.  By doing this you can instantly create your own private temple.  By doing things like adding a light meditation. Grab a comfy chair and sit out under the moon. Put your feet on the ground so that your are grounded and you are attached to the earth. As you go into your meditation this is a great time to bring in your guides, totem animals, deities, gods and goddesses or even do ancestral work. This is one of the greatest times to connect with your guides and ancestors as the moon power is so bright.  

Burning incense or sage is also good towards getting rid of negativity and rebring in the positive by burning sweetgrass or your favorite incense. Your rocks can be charged by the moons power. This is a great time to do this as some rocks are faded or made to look older by leaving them in the sunlight.  If you are worried about things like the dew getting your rocks wet you can do things like set up an alter an open window. We have very big windows in a dining area of our house. We make sure that the blinds are open wide on new moon to fully charge our rocks, jewelry, statuary, and anything else that we want to be made clean by the beautiful full moon.  

We carry all kinds of various candles, incense, stones, and statuary in the store to make your alter space awesome.  We are open at noon Tuesday through Sunday, until 7  Tuesday through Friday and 6 on Saturday and Sunday and here for your new moon needs.  We would love to see you so stop in for all you need on new moon.  

We would love to hear some things that you all do for new moon or ways that you all celebrate. Once again feel free to interact and leave comments or questions in the comment section and we would love to answer questions or hear your ideas. 

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