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This weeks topic is one that has always intrigued me. It is one that has baffled me and made me a shaky little baby at times. This topic is one that every day of my life I work and work to get better at to make myself stronger. Today I will be writing about overcoming fears and how I have begun to move forward and overcome some of my biggest fears.  From Death to aliens in the sky I have been full of fear for as long as I can remember. Some people fear clowns, others are scared to talk in front of people, we all have fears.   The first thing you have to do when overcoming fear is to realize why you have these fears and why you hold onto them.  We all have fears, the difference between people is the desire to overcome the fears and the want to get rid of or conquer them.  The fear over time becomes a big part of who you are if you don’t move past it.  Sometimes it as simple as asking yourself are there any things that you are doing in life right now that are contributing to your fears.  I have always wanted to escape my fears but I never really took the time to seek ways to do so.  I had a fear of death that when I was a child would keep me wide awake many nights.  As I grew older I blocked out this fear but never conquered it.  As I began my early 30’s I began to put a lot of thought back into it and it scared me to tears once again.  At that point I decided that I would not let this fear get the best of me anymore.  I spent time meditating and thinking of positive things and I began to realize that death is a part of life so without death I would not have my life that I hold so dear. I wouldn’t have my wife or my children or any of the other things that are so important to me.  I have also done a few past life regressions which are a really good way to dig up things that may have haunted you into this lifetime and make you feel the way that you do about things.  I realized that I was killed at a young age in one past life.  This was a part of why I feared death in my opinion.  I communicate with my grandfather who passed away last year and I know that he is in a better place. This also helped me overcome this fear.  I now know when my time comes it is meant to be and all will be fine. There is no controlling it and therefore there is no reason to fear it.  My other fear is a silly one for some but for me made it to where the nights that I didn’t stay awake because of fearing death, I was awake fearing aliens. I would stand in the hallway to the wee hours of the night.  Those dog gone things scared me so bad and even until just recently I didn’t feel comfortable when Melissa would even mention them to me.  I once again had a past life meditation a few weeks back and sure enough there was the alien being not so nice and I guess that is where that one came from.  I still can’t believe it myself. I chased the alien all over the earth on horseback, it was such a neat and real past life. I would definitely recommend this form of overcoming fears as it has worked wonders for me .  Fear is also a necessary thing as well though. I’m sure we all fear losing our families or pets. This just means we care.  Praying is another way that many people overcome fear. Whether praying to gods, ancestors, or spirit guides this is another way of getting it out there and sharing with others who are more than willing to help you.  It is great  how the power of  positivity or reading a book about your fears can help you squash them. A lot of times even something as simple as sitting with friends or your spouse and letting them out on the table and talking to others can help you.  We did a support circle at the store and the help I got and have seen others get from just talking it out is amazing.  Find someone else who has had the same fears as you and find out how they have overcome the fears.  You can’t always hold things in, release is a great way to overcome fears or become better at things that you have struggled with in life.  It is a little like the old adage about practice makes perfect, well if we practice not being afraid at some point that fear will subside.  Overcoming fear is not an overnight fixer. There are many ways to achieve it and we all have to find a way that we can do so.  Remember to breathe, take our time, and don’t be scared to walk down different paths then you have in the past to overcome fear.  We can all do it!! I hope that this blog has helped someone today.  Please feel free to comment on ways you have overcome your fears in the comment section of the blog as I would love to hear some of them as I still am a work in progress on this subject. I’m sure others would also love to hear how you have overcome!! Thanks for reading this blog. -Ian

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