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Path to Positivity

I had a session with lovey over the weekend and it was quite an experience.  I have had a really long month and I was in a really bad place in life as far as stress and emotionally.  I was having trouble getting through the day as of late. I worked a shift during the day and I had a fear of falling asleep during the session as I usually have a lot of issues staying awake during meditation when I am really tired.

  This session was so different.  I was very in it. Lovey started at my head and did the angelic massage from head to feet.  I had a huge black blockage in my head that I couldn’t see before this and amazingly as lovey worked on my head the color went from black to amazing colors of blue green and then bright white. I have never felt something like that.  Lovey finished by cutting karmic chords. After we finished I described the black whatever it was to her and she asked “how did you know that? ” it was a truly amazing experience. 

I didn’t feel much Different that night and still had issues with focus and staying positive that night.  The next day after a full night of rest I felt amazing.  In the past few days I have really locked back in my focus,  intuition, and ability of sight. I feel like a new person, but one that I was close to finding in the last few years.  This is the real me and every day I become a little closer to finding me.  My wife is happier because of it. I feel like when you are in that path to becoming the real you and finding a way to be a happy person and someone offers help through white light take them up on it. Thank you Lovey for helping me take another step towards being the happy,  fun me that my wife and kids want in their lives. Lovey is in the store Tuesdays from 1 to 5 and also other days by appointment. Call to schedule a session.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. If you have experienced things like this and would like to share join the conversation by commenting on the box below. Have a great week and always help others any way you can. -Ian


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  1. Hi Ian!
    I would like to explain how this felt on my end. When I started your session, I saw a very large black circle that actually seemed ‘heavy’ to me. It almost startled me because I had never seen anything like that before. I had a choice. Do I end the session or go for it?
    As usual. I jumped in with both feet and just started pulling it out. As I continued to work, the air around me seemed to lighten up a bit and then I realized the circle was gone.
    The most amazing part was when I asked you how you felt. You told me that everything was white again and the blackness was gone! Not the answer I had expected, but very happy to hear because we had not discussed anything about the session!

  2. Omg!! I had a session with Lovey, too!! When she got to my heart chakra, I think that’s what it was, I felt like she was lifting me off the table! I cried, too! Must have been some healing! I have been feeling very pressured the last couple months, as well. I know there is some astrological pressure going on for the collective, too! But it’s nice to know there is relief if you look in the right places. After my session, at first, I felt vulnerable and open for attack, but it was a false insecurity. Because quickly, I felt free, light, loved, secure, and floating on air. I still feel it. I have just been dancing around, thanking God for EVERYTHING, and feeling peace and love. I think I feel the faeries, too. I know I feel the angels!!

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